The Secrets to Hair Growth and Health

Thank you for purchasing the Bestselling e-book on Alopecia! I am honored to be on this journey with you... Our blueprint book will give you the in's and out's of achieving improved health and hair. Below are the extra bonuses that are included...This book is so popular, we've translated it into Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese. My hope is that you follow the steps outlined to also achieve whole health, whole head of hair, and never look back.... be empowered because through my struggles with alopecia you now have a fast pass towards overcoming hairloss and getting the control back into your hands... it no longer has to take months, years, or decades-  it can be all done in less time, my clients and myself are the living proof! If you need more help, guidance, coaching ... I am here for you, just reach out! I want to see you succeed, and live your best life, because nothing should hold us back from that, and now that you have the answers detailed in the book, get going... hair growth and health are yours!
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Why Did I Get Alopecia and What to Do About It Guide 
Side Effects to Common Alopecia Prescriptions
Prescriptions that Cause Hairloss


Why Do Children Get Alopecia?



The Hair N' Heal Program

Have you heard about the BEST method for healing Alopecia? It's the Hair N Heal Program that we offer. It truly is the ONLY way to heal from within and to say goodbye to Alopecia long term.. long-term strategy for long-term results. There is one way to get your hair and health at the level and caliber you are wanting, and that you deserve. I formulated this program through experience, research, science, trials, errors, and guess what? 
Clients see 90% hair growth in less than 8 weeks! 
That's correct. 8 weeks and their health transform, their hair grows and they are on the RIGHT path towards the best life ever, ALOPECIA FREE- FOREVER! I couldn't be more proud of all my students, but also it's become my life mission. There is another way, actually, it's the ONLY WAY to heal, as there is no need for medications, no need for cortisone shots to the head, no need for suffering.. just relearning, and reeducating ourselves so we can implement and make the necessary changes to see abundant health and hair growth emerge. The program includes coaching, personal evaluations and assessments, tailored strategy and recommendations to you, to your current dietary restrictions, needs and current health conditions. Whether you have been dealing with alopecia for a couple of months or several decades or anything in between, we've seen results in various types of alopecia including Androgenic Alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, traction alopecia, telogen effluvium and so much more. 
If you wanted to fast-track your results, go with a pro who's helped hundreds of clients regain their hair, happiness, health, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Case Study

Alopecia Totalis to Full Hair Growth

There are many success stories within Alopecia Angel, most have completed the Signature Program and in this manner, I am in contact with them to track their progress and success. However, others, like Kari, are able to "Do It Yourself" through the guidance of my first book and/ or the Starter Kit. This mom was kind enough to send over her daughter's story and some pictures so you can see this little girl's transformation. I wanted to highlight this mom who has fought hard and persevered to get her daughter the help she needed to heal her alopecia. Much like all of us reading this now, our stories are not that much different. 

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AGA & Alopecia Angel Signature Program

This year has been an exciting year thus far because I have had the pleasure to help many clients with AGA and even scarring alopecia. I have had numerous ladies come to me saying they had been diagnosed with AGA, or also known as androgenic alopecia, or also known as female pattern baldness. Many of these ladies come to me having been on Rogaine and shots for years, meds that don't work and don't have long-term success rates for health or hair.

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Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Angel Signature Program (Adults + Children)

Another client who had been dealing with Alopecia Areata since she was 9 years old, started implementing my program at 25 years old, she saw full hair growth in less than 9 months with more than 13 bald spots around her head. She did my course and added on private coaching sessions.

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Alopecia Universalis & Alopecia Angel Signature Program

Hair growth is a process. First, you need to clean the house, then you need to support and feed it appropriately, then just like planting the seeds to your summer garden, you continue to love it, and then you begin to see your garden grow. Same here. Hair growth has happened to my clients with universalis, many in less than 4-5 weeks, some in 8 weeks, and some just over the 8-week mark. Imagine having hair in 2 months! The start to a new lease on life. The start to true health and your own hair.

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Cook Book & Nutrition Guide In English and Spanish

Want more recipes, more food ideas? Help with food options when traveling or at a restaurant? This nutrition guide and cookbook is my pride and joy! I am so happy to be able to deliver this to you. It has over 100+ recipes that are waiting to make your life healthier, easier, and full of nutrients for your growing hair. Go ahead, have your bread, sweets, salty cravings, and more with healthier versions that help you to incorporate foods and ingredients that will keep you thriving and even lose weight! Cheers to your health! 

Our Cookbook features over 100+ recipes that are perfectly suited for the increase of health and hair. In addition, we've added more nutritional information to continue the healing process from the first book. Truly both books go together, and together they will take you further towards complete healing and health. 

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Next Steps

I know many times doing anything by yourself is hard, even challenging and frustrating. That's why I created the Hair N' Heal program. It's the Signature Program for Alopecia Angel, where 90% see hair growth, improved health in less than 8 weeks. This program includes assessments, evaluations, coaching and so much more. This is the NEXT LEVEL in healing, where we handhold you towards success. Going alone is hard, but with expert guidance, accountability and step-by-step process there is no confusion no mistakes, and no frustration. It's all streamlined to help you get towards healing and hair growth, so much faster, and a lot sooner with full knowledge and support. Are you ready for faster results? Learn more about the next upcoming program here. If you wanted an immediate option, there is always private coaching consultations. Please inquire within for more information.