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Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit gives you the best of Alopecia Angel, our Holistic Blueprint (first book), stress management course and the cookbook and nutrition guide which is essential to keep you going on your new diet & lifestyle. First book has option in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese- Dutch coming soon! However the cookbook is only in English at the moment. Added BONUS- Included is the new weekly planner and an extra 45 recipes to ensure your success!

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We offer our signature Alopecia BootCamp Course online, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This online course can be viewed and watched anywhere, from the comfort of your home or office. Other course offerings include a stress management course which is essential to improvement. Get started today on improving your health and hair! Its never too late! I have had success stories with people who had alopecia for over 15 years to less than 15 months!

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Signature Program

Our Signature Program is offered periodically and is the best way to get you going with real results supported with expert guidance and accountability, because it's not just learning but it's also staying committed and applying all the new learnings.

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Achieve Your Goals

Supporting Your Success

One to One Coaching

One on one counseling offers the greatest flexibility, and the most in depth applied knowledge to your specific case and situation. Not every person is the same, nor is their situation. Let me help you and guide you through this journey. It is a process and I am here for you. By your side, I am with you and connected, monitoring your progress, keeping you accountable, and celebrating your wins! Coaching available  anywhere in the world. Contact us for more information!

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Best selling e-book on Alopecia! Our blueprint book will give you the in's and out's of achieving improved health and hair. You will receive your book, via email after purchase,  detailing what you need and how to go about creating the results for your hair and health to come back as it has for me and others! Learn the in's and out's of holistic health with a step by step process to match. Peace of Mind + positivity included. Book is available in Spanish and Portuguese as well!

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More Services

Nutrition Guide and CookBook with over 100 + Recipes

Our Cookbook features over 100+ recipes that are perfectly suited for the increase of health and hair. In addition we've added more nutritional information to continue the healing process from the first book. Truly both books go together, and together they will take you further to complete healing and health. At this time, the cookbook is only offered in English.

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In Person Training

We offer online Courses and also have in person courses. In person can be hosted anywhere. Check schedule and events page for latest information. Don't see a city you are close to? Then email me so we can see about adding a course in person near you.  In Person trainings, give you the full course in one sitting. You walk away with an action plan to implement immediately and gain confidence in taking control of your health for improved hair and overall wellness. 

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