• Alopecia Angel

Kick Alopecia Good Bye with these Traits for Success

We are not born with all the best qualities, however many wonderful traits and qualities, can be learned, practiced and implemented to enhance, enrich and create a more well rounded self; better prepared for what the future holds.

When it arrived, Alopecia, was a new challenge and a new puzzle in which I needed to problem solve.

"What gets you here, doesn't get you there"- Many times I've heard this saying and had to revisit my tools of research, perseverance and my tenacity to stick it through, until I finally began to see traction, and constant normal growth and shedding. All in all it took me 18+ months to get the "right formula" and now, in remission, I am happy to help others who are also going through this obstacle course of ups and downs with hairloss.

After reading a corporate article about how to succeed in 2019, I saw that it applied extremely well to health, and the journey in which each person undergoes. Whether you are figuring out alopecia for a loved one, or have been battling it yourself for many years, I hope you take action and take heart into these characteristics in order to get to the next step, needed in your progress. I am grateful for my alopecia, as its taught me so many wonderful new things, and in turn, I am grateful to share and help others, through their journey to full health and hair.

1. Give Up on the Unhealthy Lifestyle

There's really no if's, and's or but's about this one. When you have an autoimmune disease, you need to take higher precautions with your health and be more regimented about it. Cheat days do not exist! Cheat days will only bring about more symptoms and negative effects. Healthy lifestyle is part of my holistic plan to healing. From the gut to the follicle. To relationships, stress, lifestyle and much more. Begin with diet, increase sleep, increase water and low impact exercise. I have so many more detailed steps and recommendations in my book.

2. Give Up on the Short Term Mindset

Health- true health is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no quick fix to a healthy weight loss or great health. Take note, that each bite, each action and each level of commitment brings you closer to your ultimate goal. In retrospect, I celebrated my small wins with smiles and laughter. Something that faded along with my hairline when alopecia entered my life. A little sign that things were getting better, gave m