• Alopecia Angel

Nutrients for Health and Hair All Year Long

I recently came across an article that mention many wonderful nutrients and vitamins for winter months… but really, in my opinion, you can’t let your guard down when it comes to nutrition regardless of the season.

As hair has a cycle, our foods, climate and activities do too.

When you already have auto immune disease or condition, like alopecia, there’s no going back to how things were in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Your old ways no longer should exist, and new found health and way of living should be your new normal and go-to for optimal health.

Diet and lifestyle are needed to change, so that you see continuous progress, continuous healing and remission from your condition, in this case, alopecia.

After being diagnosed with alopecia, everything changed for me and also my clients. Those who go back to their old ways, see hair loss again and have cycles of it. Avoid the cycles as this causes more emotional heartache and feelings of being stuck. Those who create longterm lifestyle and diet changes do not see those cycles, do not have abnormal hair loss and do not see their condition worsening. Rather, they see continuous hair growth and vibrancy. I project this and many others do too. Its all possible for you as well!

Vitamins that are needed all year round, from food and supplementation are: Vitamin D, B-12, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C among others. However I am highlighting these ones as these are fundamental to keeping immunity up.

I recommend taking vitamins and also eating foods rich in each, as absorbing both food and supplementing together create bigger impact. Don't think you can get by on supplements alone with bad nutrition. You are only hurting yourself in the long run. You cannot out- exercise, or out -do a bad diet. Diet is the foundation to your health.

If you choose to supplement, ensure the supplements are of high quality.

Vitamin D is found in beef liver, egg yolks, and wild caught salmon. Pure sunshine is my favorite way of obtaining vitamin D. However with travel, life responsibilities and now where I live, plentiful sunshine is not always abundan