• Alopecia Angel

Why You Need a Health & Hair Coach for Your Alopecia

Autoimmune disease and Alopecia are no joke. It can be scary, frightening and it can rattle you and effect you in all areas of life. Much like depending on a wiser, sibling, friend, or mentor, a health coach is there for you, with first hand experience, with tools, great ideas, work arounds, problem solving and giving you ways to help you more, get the most out of the experience and wisdom that they offer, including results for health- and in my case: hair!

TIP: Your health coach should not only have the experience but also the results you are looking for. They should walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I know from personal experience, that trying to lose weight, obtain a goal, and grow my hair back from alopecia by myself, takes a lot longer than taking advantage of a professional that has "been there and done that” and has tips, tools and learnings to help you avoid stagnating and to propel you further and faster!

A health coach can provide many layers of support that will ensure you are able to eliminate the confusion of where to begin, how to start and what to do in order to get on the path to healing your alopecia. A health coach can also sort and make sense of things you read or heard of, conflicting information and tailor the correct information and protocol to your direct lifestyle, to assist you in creating long-term sustainable change while keeping you on track if (or when) you lose hope, momentum, or focus.

Here are five reasons why you need a Health & Hair Coach for your Alopecia:

  1. Relief + Guidance

If you have tried to make a change in your health in the past, you might be able to relate to feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused or so down on yourself that you cant seem to smile or think there’s a possibility of hope. Around 80% just give up less than half way through programs - think New Years Resolutions!

Relief comes when you can count on your health coach for clarity amid all the info online and in journals and in new research. More importantly they can tailor a plan to you and your lifestyle, give you concrete ways to tackle work arounds, problem solve hurdles and concerns. More importantly, they will guide you in the right direction but also give you a starting place and cheer you on along the way, step by step!

2. Expertise + Experience