• Alopecia Angel

Emotions, Immunity + Alopecia

Emotions affect us. They affect the people around us and can be detected by strangers and close loved ones alike. Surprisingly, emotions can also affect our immunity and inflammation. In a recent study out of Pennsylvania State University, the team noticed " that individuals who experienced negative moods several times per day for extended periods of time tended to have higher levels of inflammation biomarkers in their blood."

When someone has an autoimmune disease, or alopecia, they already have high amounts of inflammation in their body- because we know that the body, in this case, the hair follicles are attacking themselves. To reduce inflammation we know that diet and lifestyle are important factors in achieving this.

However, with this study, we can now say that being in a better mood helps us all around. Being in a better mood, brings positivity to the situation that we are in. Being in a better mood is a choice. We can choose to be in a negative mood or a positive one. Not everything that happens deserves a negative mood. Perhaps switching to a neutral stance can walk us towards a positive non reactive mood.

Being happy makes you healthier. Happy people are more likely to have a good diet and exercise. They are also found to have stronger immune systems. Being happy combats stress and protects your heart, reduces pain and promotes long life.

How can you choose to be happier today?

Have a gratitude ritual. Count at least 10 things you are grateful for everyday, from simple things to the sunshine to the clean sheets and finishing your errands. Look for new things to be grateful for each day.

Being active creates endorphins which in turn make you feel better. Even a walk around the block after lunch and dinner will do wonders. Keep this up. Start small if you haven't already and add on more things that interest you.

Get sleep! A great way to combat inflammation is to also sleep. Outside of getting the sleep you need, you immediately feel better, less stressed and more alert after a good nights sleep, or nap. Take time to nap more if you can, or go to bed earlier.

Eat a healthier diet. Bad foods create bad moods. Lots of sugar and processed foods create havoc on your glucose levels and should be avoided. Eat for overall health and hair!