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Medications that cause Alopecia and Hairloss

What happens when you have one ailment, get a prescription for it, and then it causes another condition and then perhaps another-- while we are not treating root causes, just the symptoms, many people find themselves in a quick downward spiral of side effects and issues.

My A-Ha moment came when I saw multiple doctors in multiple countries; not to mention different states within the USA for my Alopecia.

Why not support our bodies and get them healthier and heal them from the inside out, creating natural balance and well ness? Then perhaps we wouldn't need the monthly or daily or weekly prescription or antibiotics. If we kept a clean diet, perhaps we could eliminate other drugs from our repetoire. As a society, we need to think more of "how can I create better health within me and in my environment" versus, what pill or medication can I get- because really, the "medicine" is treating the symptom and not the root cause.

I healed my alopecia naturally, supporting my immune system and body. I now help others do the same. Many times we are not aware of side effects and blindly accept prescriptions even simple birth control without an after thought, trusting the judgement and knowledge of a doctor and practitioner. Maybe even not considering future possibilities or issues that can arise.

Unfortunately, many doctors do not go over potential risks or side effects as their client time is limited. And then, here we are.... with hairloss and other issues, that could have been avoided. Still having issues, and still with root causes not being addressed.

Here is list of medicine known to have hairloss as a side effect. In addition, I recently posted about birth control and how that too can lead to hairloss in some women.

I absolutely think medicine has a place in society and in our world; however we also need to do our part in keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can't thrive on supplements or pills alone, and you cannot thrive or have optimal health on take out or junk food. You cannot expect to get healthier if you are are stagnant and sitting all day. We need to support our bodies, diets and lifestyles... and I can help!

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to take action and create massive health for you and your loved ones?

Then message me for a free consult. I am happy to help.