• Alopecia Angel

Amalgam Fillings and Alopecia: Mercury leads to More Health Issues than Just Hairloss

Do you have those unsightly silver fillings in your mouth? Or perhaps you've recently taken them out and like a friend of mine, developed an autoimmune disease right after? Maybe you have them and don't think about them- but you should. There is evidence that mercury filled Amalgam fillings can cause a host of health issues, including alopecia.

The problems with mercury fillings are two-fold. First, virtually any kind of stimulation can cause these fillings to release mercury -- eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, grinding your teeth, chewing gum, using electrical toothbrushes and more.

If you have a silver filling, every time you chew a small amount of mercury from your filling is released into your body.Chewing gum is especially problematic as it releases an even greater amount of mercury into your system. An increase in temperature in your mouth, for instance when you drink hot coffee or tea, will also encourages the release of mercury vapors in your mouth.

Mercury vapor from the amalgams passes readily through cell membranes, across the blood-brain barrier, and into your central nervous system, where it causes immunological (immune system), neurological, and even psychological problems. Children and fetuses, whose brains are still developing, are most at risk, but really anyone can be impacted. About 75 percent of adults have dangerous “silver” fillings. There is approximately 1,000 mg of mercury in the typical “silver” filling. This is nearly one million times more mercury than is present in contaminated sea food. Most people don’t realize that the mercury amalgams slowly release mercury vapor. Every time you chew, mercury vapor is released and quickly finds its way into your bloodstream, where it causes oxidative processes in your tissues.

Oxidation is one of the main reasons you develop disease, as well as the primary reason you age. Oxidation in your body leads to inflammation… it also hampers your body’s ability to detoxify itself, which makes you even sicker.

Second, dental mercury is the number one source of mercury in our wastewater, so dentists are handing the clean-up bill for their pollution to taxpayers and water ratepayers. And this mercury ends up in your food supply, where it can cause continued damage to your health if you eat fish and other contaminated seafood. It's estimated that 362 tons of dental mercury are used annually worldwide, causing a significant environmental burden – for absolutely no reason, as safer alternatives are already widely available; more on that later.

In one recent study by the University of Washington researchers found that the low-level release of mercury toxins into the body from a dental