• Alopecia Angel

10 Signs You've Healed Your Alopecia

Cheers to you for the time and effort you've put into healing your alopecia holistically and naturally.

On average, clients of Alopecia Angel see new regrowth anywhere from 3-6 months, taking into account that hair has a life cycle of 100 days.

When I experienced my regrowth, some parts came in before my actual bald spots.

Healing Alopecia is a marathon, not a sprint, and just in the same way, you can't expect good results without training and preparation.

Enter Alopecia Angel. We are here to help and to prepare you and guide you through the process.

Once you have in fact passed the finish line, these are the targets and metrics to expect:

  1. You are going to the bathroom daily and regularly (2-3 times a day); your bowel movements are easy to come out and there are no signs of undigested food.

  2. Your gut is balanced and healthy

  3. Your skin is clear

  4. Your mind is clear

  5. Any extra weight you've been carrying around has come off

  6. You feel great, and are no longer depressed, anxious or in any self doubt; you also notice that you don't get sick as often, you have more energy

  7. No more food cravings

  8. You are having quality sleep, waking up with energy and fully rested