• Alopecia Angel

Food Allergies + Alopecia

I believe we all evolve and thats due primarily to the education, tests, choices and change that happens as we grow, mature, and hit milestones in life.

I know for me, I didn't get my curly hair until I hit puberty, and also know that I never had any food allergies, that I was aware of.

Growing up on pasta was almost a daily event. I recall my mom and grandma making gnocchi's from scratch in the kitchen. I remember all the pasta sauces they would also make from scratch, which by the way, you can find some of them in my latest cookbook.

I also remember being able to eat anything and never have any repercussions from it, like rashes, hives or swollen facial features.

I never had any issues.

However, it wasn't until I was 27 and ate peanut butter cookies, and then about 4 hours later, broke out like it was 8th grade, covered in pimples and acne.

I knew from then on I was allergic to peanuts and that was always giving me acne problems.

I went to get blood work done, and peanuts nor anything else came up.

Later when alopecia had happened, I was on the fence about AIP. I was on the fence about doing it for a month if not longer.

After completing my months with AIP, I came to find out that I am "allergic" to wheat/ gluten and have since taken all grains out.

I itch and badly.

It's almost immediate, like the acne that erupts when eating peanut oil at the Chinese restaurant.