• Alopecia Angel

Why Many Say There is No Cure for Alopecia

In medicine, you need to prove something over and over to say there is a "cure." This needs to happen to everyone, not just in mice, or in labs, but to have blanket statements you need proof. Rightfully so.

There is no cure for alopecia. This is correct. Not everyone will get growth or full growth of their hair for life using prescribed creams and shots to the head that dermatologists or other specialized doctors recommend. In addition the pills and other "treatments" or options they give you are all just band aids... not helping the situation, but making it worse.

Did you know that those "treatments" have less than a 10% efficacy rate? Meaning in less that 10% of the time they actually work. No thanks!

To me, that's a waste of money and time. Which I have personally experienced.

However, if you have alopecia. Something is definitely wrong. No doubt about that. We are made to have hair. Hair is protective, this is why we have it on our body. It protects our eyes, what gets in our nose. Body hair is also necessary. It all has a function.

So if you had hair before and are now losing it... there is a root cause to this.

What does help? Diet and lifestyle changes!

After going through alopecia myself and healing myself and helping others heal (see success stories), I see that through diet and lifestyle changes, hair can and DOES come back.

Its all about supporting your body, healing any issues inside and figuring out what pathogens or allergens you have. This is where holistic health approaches come in. Looking at the whole person, whole body and whole picture.

You cannot discount lifestyle, habits, mental health, exercise, stress levels, home environment, toxins, etc... and think that with a pill or cream it will all go away.