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Does Your Alopecia Specialist Walk the Talk ?

I can still remember my P.E. (Physical Education) teacher in elementary school- Miss Sampson- she was significantly overweight and would drink a diet coke every morning at 8am while she had us run laps and do outdoor exercises like jumping jacks. Mind you I had her for 6 years of elementary school- awful way to even think that this was an example of PE or exercise.

Looking back I cannot believe they hired her. Regardless of the degree's or education level, I wouldn't allow someone to portray health as she did towards young children and teach them physical education when she herself did not embody or demonstrate her own willingness or capabilities to do exercises. What an oxymoron. To work in health and not walk the talk. Instead, to drink a diet coke and sit on the curb watching us sweat.

Early on from a young age, I questioned, I questioned a lot. Authority, parents, adults in general... perhaps that was the beginning of my curious nature to go beyond the statue quo! Since then, I evaluate who I take health and wellness advice from- as should you. It's not just about the degree or schooling, it's also about living as you preach, doing what you say and teach to do. Beyond seeing the doctors that smoke or live in a high stress atmosphere, I want to follow someone who walks the walk and can back up the talk. Do they truly have the experience, or is it all book smarts? Book smarts help for sure, but so does experience.

Too many people give lip service- but can they back it up? Do they have results?

Do the people I am consulting... -have they gone through my situation? Have they gotten results with regrowth?

Do they know what to REALLY do with my alopecia? And if not, are they willing and able to refer me to someone else who can? Does their ego get in the way of my healing?

These are some of the questions I would think about when consulting with doctors and professionals who say they can help.

Yesterday I was interviewed on Hairless Awareness, a podcast for alopecians! One of the questions was, if I consider myself an Alopecia Expert.

And Yes, I do! Having gone through Alopecia myself and then helping others to reverse it too has been so exciting and satisfying to see others heal and get through the muck of depression, anxiety and overwhelm, to a place filled with calm, clear headedness and regrowth.