• Alopecia Angel

How Sugar Impacts Your Health and Hair

Holidays are upon us which means, lots of parties, at schools, work, family and friend gatherings. Many of my clients and followers have children who have alopecia.

As adults we tend to have more discipline than children and we tend to be able to say no, hopefully, to things that are not good for our health and hair. "I'll pass on the cheesecake- thank you!"

With the upcoming holiday season and parties that both adults and children need to endure and attend, let me encourage you to restrain yourself from the onset of too much sugar, which is hampering your health, hair and hair growth process.

This can and will set you back on your health and hair goals, for both adults and children alike.

Sugar is hidden everywhere, in ketchup, bread, milk, cereals, and the list is endless of added sugars.

Let's focus on lowering the sugar intake because it will help you today and in the long run towards life long health and hair growth.

Sugar feeds disease.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease have all been linked to sugar and are also feeding the disease. It increases aging and depression, it drains your energy and can cause fatty liver and so much more.

Beyond that, if you are reading this its because you are concerned with your hair. Sugar causes inflammation. Alopecia is essentially an overload of inflammation in the body. We need to reduce it to heal and get your hair back.

Diet believe it or not, affects hair growth just as much as cars cannot run on orange juice. It's the quality of the fuel we use for our bodies that makes us run properly.