• Alopecia Angel

Live Your Best Life: Before, During + After Alopecia

Happy New Year! Across the street from my house, I already see people on the treadmill and actively working out in the gym. I have never seen so many people in it at one time. With hopes for better health, we also need action.

In having alopecia, before, during and after - we need to make the best of each day, know that we are doing our best, and also proactively taking steps to make tomorrow better and at the least, knowingly understand where we can do better- and then take more action!

Living your best life is available to you now. Right now. Yes! right now. It's living in the present. Being aware, that yes - maybe your hair is falling out or you are already bald, but that there is a solution to every problem except death as my grandma likes to say. We can solve our problem in a variety of ways. Taking the correct steps ensures success.

I know people who had AU- alopecia universalis, and totalis and have recovered their hair in full. Why not you? I have clients who have done the same. Why not you?

I know people who have reversed their Hashimotos, diabetes and Multiple sclerosis - why not you or anyone else you know who has this?

The problem is when we think it's not possible for us, so we just give up. The problem also lies where we think we have tried "everything" and still don't have results. If you don't have results, its because you have NOT tried everything- or perhaps at least committed to it for a while.

Do you know that people spend over $500 on skincare per year? The data has been calculated by Statista based on the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS). According to this statistic, 1.66 million Americans spent $500 or more on skin care products.

Do you also know it takes 3 months to see results on skin care products? Many times people stop using it in a month because of lack of results... if they only knew, many products are not instant. It takes time.