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5 Reasons Why "You Haven't Tried Everything" to Heal Your Alopecia

I get a lot of messages and many of whom start by saying that they've tried everything and nothing works... Perhaps maybe you even feel that way yourself. But in reality, in our own heart to hearts, let's be honest. You haven't. If you had, you would have an answer as to why your current situation does not include health and hair, because surely by now you know, after reading my 70+ blog posts, that they are both intertwined tightly, and you cannot have one without the other. Read that again, without health, you cannot have long lasting hair health and growth. You need both.

It all starts from within. So as I speak to clients, and return messages, I realize that in their stories there are holes, and many in which they take responsibility. The more they tell me, the more I can connect the dots, show them what went wrong and show them how to heal.

However, in order to do so, we need to put the following in check so that we do not continue to create the same mistakes.

1. Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be classified as the negative talk you have with yourself, or your limiting belief /insecurity that you cannot do it, either complete the task or have enough motivation to keep going and follow through. Limiting beliefs hold us back. They hold us back from our dreams, goals all due to fear and insecurities. If there is one thing I do know, without even knowing you, my dear reader, is that I know your body and health can bounce back. I know you can get healthy, it just takes some changes and effort. New lifestyle is possible. New possibilities for hair and health is yours for the taking but if you believe you are a failure, that this is your destiny (to lose hair and be bald forever) and there is no other way but to be have hairless issues or be bald forever, then so be it... if you decide that, you will get that. I decided that alopecia wasn't my final destination, it was a stop, a layover so to speak, but then I grabbed my things and kept going. I can show you how to get to the final destination, but we can't take off if you have negative self talk and limiting beliefs.

2. Excuses

Probably one of the worst things we can do as humans is make excuses. I hate hearing excuses from absolutely everyone. Its either you do, or you don't, there is no try. There is no maybe, its either a yes or a no. Unfortunately, many prolong their health issues, many put themselves last and everyone else first, making excuses that this is the only way. I hear you, but at the same time, you are only hurting yourself. I have a client, who's been following me for over 2 years... she's been quitetly reading my blog, following me on social media. More than 2 years later she decides to get coaching and help from me. Wouldn't you believe it, in less than a month she started to see full hair growth on her bald head!!

It's been years she's had hair and now, after more than 2 years, she decided to take a chance and look at her now, growing her hair. She could have had bra length hair by now I am sure, had she started earlier, right? Its like the saying goes, best time to plant a tree or save for retirement was more than 20 years ago, second best time, is today! Don't let excuses get in the way, find a way and make it happen- your health and hair count on it.

3. Consistency