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9 Ways to Boost Self Esteem + Confidence Amid Alopecia and Hairloss

Alopecia and hairloss can bring you down, mentally, physically and emotionally. My self esteem definitely took a hit with my diagnosis and also my continued hairloss. Until I started to see hair grow which then, even admid the hairloss, created a spark of enthusiasm and joy in me..

It's true as the adage says, you cannot experience or appreciate happiness until you've experience sadness. You can't see the rainbow without the storm.

In this same manner I've felt as I am sure you have too, the low self esteem that can creep in with losing hair, feeling bad, and seeing physical signs of alopecia, outside of just hairloss.

Self esteem is important, because YOU are Important. You are worthy and we all have a purpose in this world. You are no accident, you have a destiny to fulfill.

So how can we boost our self esteem and how can we boost self esteem in others?

  1. Empower yourself.

Arm yourself with knowledge and stick around people who are positive. Regardless of what anyone said to me, I knew I could reverse my alopecia. becuase why not!? I had hair my whole life why on earth would I allow myself to go bald out of no where?. Not for me... I stuck around people who've made a difference and stick to people who are optimists. Look, I've mentioned this before, if there are examples of people healing and living after cancer, diabetes, Hashimotos and other conditions, why not alopecia?

2. Feeling confident comes from within

Think back to the history exam you had to take in school. Didn't you feel super confident when you knew all the dates, from backwards to forwards, you knew all the characters, you knew all the details and of course, you were uber confident about the test taking... no fear crept in right? How does this happen- because you were armed with info and knowledge... you believed in yourself and you knew the details. BUT you didn't know everything until someone taught you.

So this is where you need to go back to school, and unlearn what you've been told and re-learn a new way of living, a new way of open opportunities and a new way of life. We weren't born with the answers and our governments and schools are clearly not teaching us what we really need to learn: diet, lifestyle and nutrition, so this goes back to someone who can teach you. Unlike your history teacher, I lived through that history and have come to declare that it really happened- that alopecia can be reversed. That people everyday are healing with these changes. Life changes which bring health and hair.

Here's an email I received yesterday from a client:

" Hi Johanna:-)