• Alopecia Angel

Blindspots in Healthy Hair Growth

Blind spot: an area where a person's view is obstructed. - Dictionary

Drivers have blindspots, climbing the career ladder has blindspots, excelling at a sport: all these things have possible blindspots when trying to get ahead, whether that's getting ahead in traffic, progress towards that promotion, or getting to the finals or championship game in your sport.

Not everyone can see their own mistakes, not everyone can see where they are going wrong and also where they can do better.

Blindspots are sometimes obvious, and sometimes not; sometimes they reveal themself and you finally get an "Ah ha" moment. (this can happen later in time where emotions of "why didn't anyone tell me this" occur.)

In alopecia, blind spots happen to the best of us, those who already believe they are "healthy", those, who believe they are in tip top shape, those who study nutrition, those who have a medical background, and of course, blind spots happen to regular person and parent too!

I too was in my best shape and form when alopecia happened. I thought I was doing everything right... but clearly I wasn't.

If you have alopecia or hairloss, there is room for improvement. There is room for new learnings. There is room for hair growth.

We need to be students our whole life to grow and become the best versions of ourselves.

Studying and learning doesn't stop with a basic schooling, it needs to continue.

Many believe they have done it all, regardless of what you have tried. I believe there is still a way, still a possibility to healthier lives and a healthier YOU.

I do understand and I do see where people fall short... this is apparent in candid coaching calls. And with many who are hesitant of opening up, it does come through within the Signature Program. I touch upon all topics regarding health that could be impacting you