• Alopecia Angel

Dietary Restrictions with Alopecia Angel Programs

Our diets are the foundation to our health. If you have alopecia, hairloss or any autoimmune disease, perhaps your current diet is not serving you well. More than likely, it is not!

I understand many of us have allergies, sensitivities and beliefs that don't allow us to partake in certain foods, and this can all be accommodated! I understand the importance of catering to one type of diet or another and marrying them together with the program. The program is tailored to you and your needs, treatment is not the same for everyone.

When diet changes and new habits are created we see a surge in new health and new hair.

Rest and Repair are necessary when it comes to diet changes.

If you had a broken leg, sports and any physical activity would be off limits until you healed completely. Same here! Since you have alopecia, there are many foods and drinks that are off limits to begin with, but slowly you can customize and see what your new normal is without huge difficulties or challenges.

Just like healing a broken leg, don't you want to heal your alopecia once and for all? Or do you want to live in a "cast" for life? Let's fix alopecia, get off the vicious cycle of losing hair and growing hair and losing it again. Stop trying mediocre medicines that won't take you farther and instead leave you with potential negative side effects.

It's time to heal.

We are in the middle of a world wide pandemic and its necessary to be the healthiest we can be! Whether health is a top priority for you in general or just within the last couple months, it is never too late to get started on the healing you need!

When you have a compromised immune system you are more likely to get sick, have bacterial infections, acquire a second or third autoimmune disease, have your first autoimmune disease spread, from alopecia areata to alopecia universalis and beyond.

Let's not have that cold turn into pneumonia. Let's treat it early and get it over with sooner rather than later.

Now, many of you I know have been dealing with alopecia for ages, even decades. There is still a big possibility you can reverse this. One client had this for over 15+ years and obtained full regrowth in 9 months. (full hair, no more baldness or spots) Its never too late, small changes can lead to big successes!

If you are worried or concern about the diet portion of the plan, don't be, this is something we can walk through and discuss. It has been tailored to adults, to children, to teenage