• Alopecia Angel

From Straw Hair to Silky Hair in One Wash

Do you believe that this is possible? Do you think that outside of diet and lifestyle there could be contributing factors to the quality of your hair, nails and skin? Yes there are other factors including environment. This is something I talk about thoroughly in my books and programs..... let me explain.

Have you ever experienced hard water? Water that streaks the glass doors of the shower and leaves it foggy white? Water so hard that its mandatory to use lotion after each wash? Water so filled with minerals that it leaves your hair weighing heavy and becoming unruly in the worst kind of way... no conditioner or treatment can help this water... this water is here to eat up any ounce of moisture and leave you dry and knotty.

I actually did a hard water test and my results were off the charts... way above the limit for hardness.

I didn't know what hard water was until I moved to Europe. My time with alopecia happened as I was just moving here, so you can imagine that the water here made it more difficult, not necessarily worse, but it didn't make it better either.

The Netherlands is known for its great quality tap water. But for showering, its a scary thought. Like many clients, they also dread the shower for the amount of hairloss they might see or experience.

I understand this all too well. However, I later took into consideration my environment... knowing that my hair was "acting up" and it wasn't necessarily because of alopecia, something had changed. This water made the difference.

I researched filters, and softeners, ways to hack the quality of my water.. from boiling to buying gallons of purified water to using apple cider vinegar rinses and more... I did everything.... until I learned that a whole house filter would be the way to go. This water was so hard that after coming home from the salon, I could see the water just strip the hair of its color... I never saw that happen anywhere else, I was literally throwing away the money I had just spent down the drain and left with a pale version of the hair color.

But what if you live in an apartment or you rent and don't want to incur huge costs for just the shower? The more I researched, the more I was convinced that the water in my shower was affecting me in a negative way. When I got my portable softener for my shower, it was the miracle I was waiting for.

In one wash, my hair went from straw dry to silky light and bouncy. How? The shower softener I found changes the water immediately in its case without the need of a full house filter; its attached to the hose or wherever the water comes out of in your shower. Install is easy, I did mine myself. This is no gimmick... and not something you will find on Amazon.