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How Likely are You to Obtain an Autoimmune Disease due to Trauma? This Test Explains How

Through tireless and obsessive research I continue to unfold the many avenues and factors that pertain to getting an autoimmune disease. Because let's face it- it didn't come out of no where. It came out from various factors and it will take various factors to heal. That's why you need a deep dive into your overall health to determine how to heal.

According to research, the ACE Test, is 10 questions, that quickly determines factors and levels of trauma. There are a few categories and apparently sometimes, trauma can show up decades later or somewhat immediately, depending on the person. Trauma, as the research explains, can come from various incidents in life.

Many of the questions revolve around the time before you turned 18 years old. Which alerts me to think that more care and concern is needed with our youth!

" For every increase in the ACE score of 1 point, risk for developing an autoimmune disease such as type 1 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and many others goes up by 20% " An ACE score of only 2 or more increases the chances of being hospitalized for an autoimmune disease by 70 to 80%. Dube and Felitti et al found that:

childhood stressful events may increase ADs (autoimmune diseases) independently as well as amplify the effect of other environmental factors, such as infections.

What does this mean?