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Success in Hairloss

I recently posted about a client who is in my two month Signature Program and how in just a month, she is already seeing results all over her head, on her eyebrows and feeling fantastic- albeit a bit scared because she never thought she would get her hair back.

Sound familiar?

That time has come for her.. and this is a new path for her and with that, a new lifestyle, diet and habits that will continue to shape her life and that of her family's for the good!

I am proud of my clients - all of them. However if you were to ask me, where I see the most results? I see the most results in those that are coached, in those that participate in the Signature Program. Why? Because they have more guidance, they have expert knowledge, they count on my experience through my own trials with alopecia and that of my clients', in addition, they are held accountable.

If you grabbed my books only, this is a great starting point, but most of us, need a coach- someone who's been there and don't that. Someone who can answers questions and come up with creative solutions with problems or concerns arise.

I was later asked on a post what guarantees are to my program.

Well, just like school, you go to get educated, to learn, to be challenged and hopefully with your passing exams and grades you get to graduate. Similarly here, my position is to educate, to challenge and to open your eyes to diet and lifestyle, to dive deep into areas that you have not explored to heal yourself. Results come from your dedication, your effort and willingness to do the work. It's not easy getting healthy, but it's SO WORTH IT.

Having your health and hair back is 100% worth it.


I know change is daunting, but let's face it, you don't know what you don't know- that's why you are still battling alopecia. That's why you are still experiencing hairloss with no light at the end of the tunnel, with no sign of shedding to stop or perhaps you are now bald and believe that your only way is to accept your fate being hairless for life.

Nope! Not for me and not for my clients.. there is much more out there you can do and much more you haven't tried. I guarantee it!

I share with you all my knowledge and then some. Everything can be tailored to you. I have parents who are in the program for their children who have alopecia along with adults of various ages and backgrounds and all from different cities and countries.