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Your Mouth May Trigger an Autoimmune Response

Updated: May 8, 2020

I love staying in on Friday nights and cuddling up to a movie. Last night it was Root Cause, the new documentary that speaks about root canals and the possibility of more infectious diseases that are linked to the health of our mouths, gums and the procedure with root canals.

Did you know gum disease has been linked to Rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia? ( RA is an autoimmune disease)

I posted awhile back on my instagram account about how amalgams, filled with mercury, can leak and can trigger autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, hashimotos and even lodge itself in your fat and in your brain causing more health issues.

In this documentary we also see how doctors and specialists discuss how root canals can be the precursor and linked to strokes, breast cancer, alzheimer's and even triggering an autoimmune response. They mentioned MS, multiple sclerosis and thyroid issues specifically.

We know a healthy mouth is essential; our mouths are connected to our gut and also have access to our brain and respiratory system. Everything is connected, I think its necessary to do your homework and not just go along with what a dentist or any medical practitioner says to do, especially if they are eager to perform ASAP. I am always doubting alterior motives, and realize that hunger for business, upselling and even kicks backs are not immune to the medical profession or industry. I am always the one asking questions and getting 2, 3 and 4 different opinions before making final decisions. Even with my time with alopecia, I went to see over 5 doctors in 2 countries and 2 different states. Doing your research to what's best for you is needed; obtaining the knowledge and getting clear on pro's and con's of your situation whether that's an upcoming root canal, alopecia diagnosis or other health concern can save time, money and additional setbacks.

The startling coincidence that I took away from this documentary is that teeth are living and they are connected to our meridians. Meaning, there are energetic lines that run through our bodies and are connected to every organ. For example, 95% of the people who had breast cancer in the documentary's research were found to have root canals on the teeth that were exactly located to that meridian. If you have a root canal currently, according to the documentary, you are more likely to have a stroke. Those odds go up with each additional root canal. That's startling information that no one is openly discussing.

How many times have doctors sat with you and discussed risks or side effects over one procedure or another. No one did with me when I was looking into alopecia treatments until I did the research. Grab your free copy.

Personally, I am very open to research and to