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Alopecia & Baby Prep Program

The #1 reason why I wanted to go holistic and natural in terms of healing my alopecia, is because I was already in my prime for having a baby, I had just met and fallen in love with my husband and didn't want any side effects of medicine or toxins from pharmaceuticals to hinder my fertility or complicate getting pregnant. In addition, I also didn't want negative side effects to potentially hinder my precious baby.  I wanted to heal my alopecia and get on with having a family and get on with fulfilling this next chapter in my life. If you are like me, then this program is for you. I realize I am not the only woman wanting children and clearly not the only woman who has/had alopecia. Now you can address both in one program. You can address the alopecia, start to heal and also do a prepregnacy program all in one. Focusing on healthy, nutrition, healing alopecia, prepping your body for baby and boosting fertility. After healing alopecia, I was ready to TTC (try to conceive) and did so, the very FIRST time at age 39! 

I know that my diet and lifestyle was a HUGE contributor to my fertility and getting ready for this magical moment. 

Come join me and others as we do this 2 month program together, addressing your diet and lifestyle along with your partners. 


2 months of program, ongoing mentorship, access to me for questions, concerns

1 private coaching session for you and your partner - we go over current diet and lifestyle and we talk about changes that can improve each for conception enhancing fertility for you both

* You also get the Signature Program in addition to the pre pregnancy  program, so you can mitigate and heal your alopecia naturally without pharmaceuticals or medicine- supporting your body through each stage

Insider info on how to have a healthier pregnancy eventhough you have alopecia

-what you can expect postpartum and much more! 

Getting ready for conception and heal your alopecia, all in one!  Sign up below and be informed on the next steps towards your health and family goals! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program for?

This program is for any female who has alopecia and wants to heal it, at the same time, they are also looking to conceive, whether that's in 2 months, 6 months or 12.

If I don't plan on getting pregnant until a year or two from now and have alopecia, should I still do this program? 

YES! This program is essential for healthy parents,  baby and families. The information is needed to make sure you start your health journey with everyone on board, including future babies. You can always refer back and get the info you need, when you are ready.

Why is a Pre-pregnancy Program needed?

Before you move into your new house, you want it cleaned right? Same idea here. We want to clean your body, eliminating toxins and learning how to live in a healthier aspect during this special time, when you are about to convceive. Just like planning and training for a marathon, planning for a baby is ideal- giving you and bay better results, in conception, health, immune system and much more. Start on the right foot, start this program and see the results!

What's the difference between the Signature Program and the Alopecia + PrePregnancy Program 

The Signature Program is focused solely on healing alopecia. It is open to adults, men, women, children. The Alopecia + Pre-pregnancy program is focused on preconception and healing alopecia simultaneously. More centered around the mom-to-be, partners are also involved because it takes two to make a baby, so sperm is just as important as the egg. In addition, mom will also be carrying baby for 9 months so this time is also important to navigate while you are healing alopecia and even after baby arrives!


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Program runs periodically, so if you are interested let us know and we can let you know of the next one!


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