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Alopecia Boot Camp: 


Online video that trains you on how to improve your diet, health, environment, lifestyle and toxicity levels within your house and outside your home to create better health and hair. We discuss supplements, allergies, diet and exercise. We touch upon on all holistic elements to ensure your health and hair are improving, growing back and you are seeing results. Ebook is included. 


Many of my clients already see change in less than a month. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! 

​Topcis include: 

  • Diet + Food + Hair 
  • ​Supplements + Vitamins (Health + Hair)
  • Kitchen Toxins 
  • Toxins in your home
  • Inner health = Outer Hair 
  • Environment: People + Places
  • Essential oils, Exercise, Hair Treatments
  • Alopecia for Children + Putting it altogether to create Success


Alopecia Boot Camp- Online Course-English, Includes Book