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Ditch the Wig and let's get your hair growing!!! This 2 month long Program starts with a personalized coaching session and then together I guide you through every step of the Alopecia Angel Program which includes diet and lifestyle changes, nutrition, health hacks and much more. Included in this progam is weekly coaching sessions, weekly challenges, accountability check in's, feedback, questions answered, survey's, my two books as guides and step by step process to ensure you get the most out of the program, and hair growth results. 


You also get: 


Expert Advice on what to do, how to start, what's needed and where to go next in the hair growth program. Simplified info for rapid results! 


Access to Alopecia Angel who will guide you through every step of the way.


Weekly conversations and meetings, Facebook Group giving you accountability, homework, challenges, information and directing your every step so you can make this work! 


Both books are included! 


This progam lasts for 2 months, we will also have our own facebook group and I will offer this group online coaching once this year... so don't delay to sign up! Let's get you healthy and hairy!  This is the best time to sign up, get what you need, have the strategic guidance from an expert who's had alopecia and recovered and has helped many others. You can do this.. in as little as two months, you are on your way to bigger and better things and seeing improved health and hair for the rest of the year. This is your chance to make a difference in your hair growth! 


Starts Feb 1- March 31, 2020 

2 Month Hair Growth Program: A- Z with Alopecia Angel, Feb 1- March 31