Get Started now and don't delay any futher with the results in health and hair that you are looking for! I have been there and created this program just for you. Whether you are thinning in some parts, have alopecia or a different variation thereof of hairloss, don't despair- you can heal.... With the Starter Kit you get:


  1.  The Premier book, Secrets to Health + Hair Growth, the
  2.  Stress Management Online Course
  3. The Cookbook + Nutrition Guide. (over 100+ recipes)
  4. PLUS ADDED BONUS: Extra 45 recipes + Weekly Planner  (not sold seperately) 


These items will help you overcome exactly what you need to get you the results you want. Everything you need is here to begin your journey to better health and hair growth. If you need more help and guidance, I also offer Coaching sessions for a personalized approach to healing your alopecia. 


You can do this- and this is the start! Remember what you do today, will help your future hair! Start Now! 


I highly recommend that you start the stress management course first, then  read the Guide Book, which is your blueprint. The guide is the Secrets to Health and Hair Growth Book. At the same time, you will use the Weekly Planner and after you will use the cookbook and nutrition guide for the second phase of your health journey. 

Starter Kit


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