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Healing Alopecia

I had visible symptoms of Alopecia Areata in November 2016. However,  I didn't pay too much attention until my hairdresser pointed it out in May 2017. Since it was in the back of my head, near my neck, I assumed it would grow back on its own, so I left it alone. 

I had one dime to nickel sized bald spot in the back of my head. I was going through many transitions, but as I look back, diet and lifestyle were key to my healing... and I, like most thought I was "healthy" until my research dictated otherwise.   My family suggested seeing multiple doctors which I did. Out of pocket costs to fly to California, Colorado and Europe all took a toll and left me with no results. No doctor could help me...they all said it was stress and in the meantime, my hair is coming out and clogging drains. As I analyzed my situation and weighed my options, fear crept in. I took the cortisone shots once and tried the cream too. Learning later that the cream has a 10% effective rate (if it works), I stopped it immediately. I moved out of state with my fiancé to Europe as he had a job offer there. I tried to see what over the counter meds they had and what other forms of treatment they had as well. As I tried some more things, the Alopecia got worse. My little spot, turned into another spot and it started getting bigger and spreading to other areas in the back of my head. In addition, my hair by this point was coming out immensely in the shower, thinning all around, and each time I brushed my hair, I would see the whole brush covered as if I had brushed a shaggy dog. I had never seen so much hair come out in the shower or on my brush at one time. This continued for many weeks and months. As winter approached my depressive state worsened. I had a trip planned to see family in California, where I saw some more doctors and received treatment. (the one time head shots and cream) The cream didn't work and the shots were a mere bandaid as my condition got better slightly, then worsened. False hope with the shots. Don't do it! After the New Year I started looking at natural medicine and holistic healing. I had another trip planned to the States in April 2018. Armed with information,  I purchased supplements, drank teas, used essential oils, attended conferences, worked out, ate specific foods to aid health and hair growth. I nursed myself back to health, realizing certain things I needed. Now in the Netherlands, I also ran into many people on the street who also had Alopecia visibly so.  The more I noticed it, the most I saw other had it too.  The more I talked about it, the more people started asking me about it and telling me their problems with hairloss. The more I researched, the more I was determined to heal myself and help others. Coincidently, the more openly I spoke about it, the more people I came to know who were dealing with it, and many for longer than I had. The desperation in their eyes were the same as mine. Now, with results on my head, holes filling up, hair growth coming along and feeling better, I finally regained my normalcy, and my confidence had boosted and the integrity of my hair had come back. I've always been known for my mane, big curly hair,  just like this picture. But that all changed with alopecia.  I know and understand how you are feeling. To make matters worse I was also dealing with grey hairs.... but that's another story. I am happy to report with pictures to prove, that my plan and methods work! My only desire it to spread the word and help everyone possible. As there is an effective way to naturally heal alopecia, naturally heal yourself for good! Effort and time are needed along with patience, as most likely your body didn't react out of now where. Your body was triggered, and it could have been cumulative. Over years or months but it somehow overflowed and reacted with Alopecia. Many people want a quick remedy or solution, but many times it's a full circle approach, a holistic approach including diet and lifestyle changes. This is what I invested in and continue to invest in myself, to ensure all areas of my life are at optimal levels. This is what's needed to heal. This is how I healed and am happy to help you through your journey too!


Holistic Approach to Wellness & Healing Alopecia

The Alopecia Angel Way

Our approach to healing, hair growth, wellness and overall well being is holistic. We consider mind, body and spirit.   We take into account every aspect of your life, health and lifestyle.  In order to have the greatest results, all areas of your life are examined and modified. Everything we use, recommend and promote is safe, healthy, organic and natural. Obtained easily from any health food store, online or made at home. Results and side effects include hair growth, healthier environment, increased peace, increased energy, new learnings, happiness and upgrading your health all around! I come forth with a natural way to approach illness. Everyone wants a pill or a one solution cure all to their problems, and that doesn't work for all disease, let alone an autoimmune disease. We look at root causes and look for opportunities to enhance health.  As I realized I needed to take inventory in all areas of my life, I was able to get to the root cause and heal from the inside out. My objective is to help everyone with Alopecia. Because I truly believe you can reverse it like many other autoimmune diseases.  I believe in the natural way of healing. It has worked for me, and with time and patience, you too, can see results. Let me help you support your body and immune system. You will be amazed at what your body can do once this happens. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to speak with me, or check out my next event near you. Join us for the next Alopecia Angel Program starting Feb 1!


Current Status

First haircut after alopecia, back to healthy hair and optimal health. Alopecia has reversed and I am healthy again as before. Patches have filled in and hair continues to grow at a rate of an inch each month.


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