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Those who come out on top, never stop... they can take breaks but they never stop. Alopecia is a marathon in its own right, but crossing the finish line is what I am here to help you do! Don't waste another day with hairloss... get moving and let's conquer this together. Below you will find an array of feedback from clients who were dealing with alopecia areata, totalis, universalis, AGA, (female pattern baldness) scarring alopecia and more. Let me help you get closer to your goals hair growth and health!


Alopecia is Much More than Hair

And I Help you Reverse Much More than Just Hairloss

These are the symptoms and conditions I have successfully helped my clients overcome, reverse and successfully heal. Many of these symptoms and conditions are associated with Alopecia. 


  1. Hair Shed, Hair Fall/ Total Hair Loss

  2. Brain Fog

  3. Fatigue

  4. Eczema

  5. Psoriasis 

  6. Digestive Issues, Gas, Bloating

  7. Constipation 

  8. Acne (face + back) 

  9. Weight Loss 

  10. Lack of Energy 

  11. Low Libido

  12. Insomnia

  13. Dry Skin

  14. Dry Eyes

  15. Nails: Pitting, tearing, breaking off, ridges


  1. Depression 

  2. Anxiety

  3. Hopelessness

  4. Sadness

More Than Just Hair Growth

Prior to seeing new hair growth your body is making changes, your body is creating new healthy patterns and habits. On my program, you begin to see immediate results in less than 2 weeks, which primes the body for hair growth. Our body, mind body and spirit are all connected. When one avenue or two or three become unblocked, we are allowed to flourish and see changes, radical changes. I have successfully helped adults and children with Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis,  Alopecia Universalis, traction alopecia, telogen effluvium  and AGA, or better known as female pattern baldness.


Results + Feedback from Signature Program

The Signature Program is 8 weeks, however results come in quicker. Many see changes within the first week or two, and hair growth has been noted and seen in over 80% of participants in less than 4 weeks! What are you waiting for? Get the results that the below participants experience!


This client has AGA, or Androgenic Alopecia. Many say its genetics, and even with that diagnosis, I am helping her and many other with female pattern baldness get healthy and grow their hair back!


We had great success on your program with my 21 year old son! My son grew back all of his hair in full!

Tremaine, Australia


Some really cool, exciting, awesome news!!! I have found 2 little strands of hair on the top of my scalp!! They’re almost impossible to see, but I was looking in the bathroom mirror and I guess the light hit it just so that I could see them! I also noticed my bottom eyelash line starting to come in! The hair color is very light, but maybe that will change. I’m super excited and it gives me motivation to keep going!! I’m so amazed; I’ve had alopecia for so long that it began to feel hopeless. I’m definitely not feeling that way now and I know that healing with continue to happen and with time my hair will come back fully!! So thank you so so much! I’m so grateful to you!!

Gina, USA


“ Hi Johanna,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know how things are going and how I am doing.

I am doing really good. I am feeling healthy. I can actually see some hair regrowth. My eyebrows are coming back and I can see those very fine little hair growing on my head everywhere!! It’s hard to really believe that this is finally going to happen and I am still a bit sceptical but that’s probably just because I am a bit scared too!”


Sofia from Canada


Facebook Reviews


Hi Johanna!

I am honestly seeing hair growth on side of my head. That spot has been there forever so I am actually so happy to see these results! But overall my body has been feeling great! 

Rebekah, Indiana, USA


Danyel, Las Vegas

Hi Johanna:-)

  Thank you for your quick reply as always!:-)   Things are going great! I am on Day 19 and I feel amazing!  I am getting a ton of compliments on my skin. My husband cannot believe how great my back looks! I have had acne on my back for years, It is almost gone.  He keeps saying, "I still cannot believe how great your back looks."  After years and years, of not being able to fall asleep at night, I am starting to be able to lay down and fall asleep like a normal person. I have not had fiber in 18 days, which I greatly depended on to not be constipated. I was very afraid of stopping it, but I am having normal bowel movements without it.  In the past, I would be in a great deal of pain if I forgot it for one day. 

As for the hair, I will say that the spot that was starting to bald on my forehead area has completely stopped falling out, and if I had to guess, has baby hairs coming in.  I am losing less and less hair each day in my brush.  I am excited to know that my hair WILL grow back and that I WILL be having beautiful hair again.  I do not have that feeling of hopelessness anymore. 

Lastly, I am getting healthy! I did not realize how my health was declining and I had no idea. I was just not putting all the pieces together. I have gained a new sense of self and a new awareness of my health. I have realized that I CAN control how I feel and how long I live.  My husband has even joined me on this journey.  I am so thankful to you and for your journey you took to gather all of your information.  I wish I could give you a big hug!"

Blond Wavy Hair


Andrea, The Netherlands

I am so happy that I found your podcast and website. 2 years ago I changed my lifestyle so much, just to do everything to fight my alopecia. Your knowledge is so much worth it for me!!!



"I am a nutritionist and I loved your books and love all the help and advice you give. I learned so much from you"

Sara, USA 

" Me and my girlfriend are seeing results and effects of your advice. Her digestion has improved, no more constipation or bowel problems  my stuffy nose and allergies have gone away, and I am alway stuffy... its crazy! I have lost weight and she has too, we are feeling better each day"

Jonathan, The Netherlands

"I am so thankful for you and all your help, because of you I have my hair back. I appreciate all your support and positivity. God Bless You"

Jasmine, Australia



It Was so inspiring to talk to you this morning.  I have hope again!

I just ordered the starter kit of your two books and once I receive them I think I would like to set up some coaching sessions, also.  

It was just so heartwarming to talk to someone else with alopecia that has a success story and one that supports my beliefs.  I’ve been praying for a couple of weeks for a Messenger or an Angel and here you are. 😘 

Thank you so much, 


Maureen, USA



"Thank you very much or all your help, all your guidance, prompt responses and constant consideration. 

I've had so many questions  to ask this week and you have absolutely amazing at answering and supporting all of us and all of the questions.

You have no idea how much better you've made me feel, I look at my daughter's hair-loss and want to break down, but you have given us a sense of relief with all your knowledge, guidance and just being there. You totally understand what we're facing and that is what makes your business/help so different and re-assuring - you've been there so you understand every, single apprehension, hurt, worry and question. "

Selima, U.K.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 2.20.55 PM.png

More hair growth from another client. She submitted this picture as before, it was all bald where the red is circled and she experienced growth in less than three months. She has more to go, but the healing has started and she is on the road to reversing alopecia!

Kate M,  New Zealand


I got the book and already halfway through it and taking notes. Kudos to you for putting this wealth of information and knowledge together. I can't thank you enough!

Beth, USA


This picture came from a client who started my Starter Kit and in less than 2 months she had 6 of the 8 bald spots covered up back with full regrowth. In addition, her adult acne vanished and her energy has skyrocketed. She is offer all her meds and has seen so much change in her life from going holistic and natural. More growth is coming in and I expect her to be complete in a couple months.

Ashley,  USA


So I've been fixated reading almost your entire cookbook! Its amazing and I love all the dishes. Really inspiring with some new ideas for me... Can't wait to make them. Great Work Johanna, you should be proud"

Kate, France


"I definitely see hair growth on the frontside of my head. I've been currently taking all of the supplements for about a month, that you've recommended and besides my hair growing back slowly, my body is feeling 10 times better. I don't wake up sore from all my workouts and I have a lot more energy and can honestly say I've been so much happier lately. I'm excited to further move forward with your hair loss plan. Thank you for the support"

Bekah, USA


"I am taking the step and doing your plan and going all natural, so excited to show them (my doctors) my results in just a month or two!"

Bekah, USA


Bekah is a great client who is very active. She was first diagnosed in the second grade and has had Alopecia Areata for over 15+ years. After years of treatments, shots, creams and medicine, she came to me with around 10 bald spots all over her head. I've been coaching her with my book and program.  She took my program to her doctors and they loved it so much, they kept it. Her doctors and her agreed she would stop all treatments to approach her lifestyle, stress, diet, and alopecia in a holistic and natural manner. In less than a month she's already seeing results on her scalp, in her body and in her life all around. She finally has full growth after 9 months of starting my program, after more than 15 years of alopecia.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 2.02.18 PM.png

Solution to Hairloss


" I have started to read and what great information so far in your book! I am thrilled...looking forward to getting deeper into it. Thanks"

Kate, France


This book is incredible. Johanna has made this book fun, interesting, easy to read and most importantly uses her own experiences which I like. I love the detailed explanations of the supplements, different teas, different diets, stress management and the environment. This book is now something I refer to regularly rather than a one time read as there is so much information. But Johanna has provided a step by step at the end of the book which makes the journey more manageable. I have already started implementing changes that Johanna suggested and see positive changes and feel great.

Nadia, UK


Growth with program in less than 2-3 months!

Where do you want to be in the next couple months? Start taking action now! Your health is waiting....


6 month growth

March- August 2018


" Thank you!! The Book is excellent!! Its easy to read and understand and far from boring! I have already learned so much about myself and how I use food (carbs and sugars) to mask my anxiety. I have been meditating more and journaling daily this journey. Thank you again. What you are doing is Fabulous"

Marta, Poland


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