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Holistic Program to Reverse, Treat and Prevent Alopecia

Alopecia Angel is dedicated to those seeking a holistic, natural and safe approach to healing  Alopecia from the inside out! The main force behind Alopecia Angel is a deep desire to help individuals achieve what I achieved with a natural treatment option, well rounded approach to health, wellness, and reversing Alopecia naturally without antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, cortisone shots to the head, or embarrassing creams. Needless to say, I didn't want additional side effects to medicine, rather, I wanted to support my body in it's natural way of healing, which I have accomplished for me and others! 


What We Do

We have created a whole program based off of medical research, functional medicine, holistic health, my own personal trials and errors, my own struggles and wins, experience with growing my hair and helping clients - to ensure healing alopecia happens naturally, looking inward and shining outward.  Diagnosed in 2016, and cured in 2018. I am now back to normalcy and back to being me, with a full head of hair. Our program is holistic in perspective, comprehensive and 100% natural. No side effects. All ingredients 100% safe, natural and easily obtained at your local health food store. The beautiful part of my program? It's success on others! Checkout the Success Stories page to see  clients results!


My Why

After seeing results with my multi tiered natural alopecia treatment, targeting mind, body, nutrition, environment and other elements, I decided I wanted to share my findings and let others know that a natural, safe, and holistic method does in fact exist to regrow hair from Alopecia. Read more about my path, struggle, and healing.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"     - Mark Tain


Results in Less than 3 Months!

That is the average time that the majority of my clients take to begin to see health and hair growth. Many however in my Signature 2 Month Program begin to see results in less than 4 weeks! Yes- It is possible, whether you are starting out bald or have patches all over, you can regain your health and hair as many others have. Coaching and guidance makes the difference as I teach you everything I know in order to get faster results in the healthiest manner! 90% success rate with Signature Program.


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