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Want to stop the shedding and finally start to see new hair growth that stays and continues to grow? Or perhaps you've been bald for years and have had alopecia for years, you can still reverse this! You are never too late to support your body in health and hair growth! 

This program is available to everyone, children and adults alike. Results seen in children, men, and women of all ages. 

Just like the adage says, "if you want to go slow, go alone, if you want to go fast, go together. " Join me, in this 2 month online program which is your fast pass to real results and real health. 

This 2 month Online Program starts with a personalized coaching session.   (value $220+) Where we discuss your specific health and situation. 

You will be entered into a private group where I divulge what to do to get your health back and on your way to hair growth. There are videos, challenges and homework to do on a weekly basis. Included in the program are my 2 books, Secrets to Health and Hair Growth and also the Nutrition Guide and Cook Book. In addition, you receive the stress management course and an added BONUS, you also get the Weekly Planner and an extra 45 recipes to jumpstart your success. 

***If you already have purchased the Starter Kit or any of my books I can deduct that price off the Program total- saving you money.  Just let me know so I can look you up in our system and discount you appropriately ***

This online 2 month program is at your own pace, however its meant to guide you through every step of the Alopecia Angel Program on a weekly basis so you don't overwhelm yourself and can take things week by week. By the end of the two months we will complete the program and you will learn: 

- how to reverse your alopecia

- what things trigger alopecia

- why children get alopecia and how to help them

-how to help your children avoid autoimmune diseases and other diseases

- how to keep alopecia at bay, reverse it completely and never return

- The importance of every aspect of health 

- Other factors that might impede swift results

- Supplements, what to take and how much and which ones! (We will go over this in our coaching call)

- Diet and lifestyle and what that really means for you with alopecia

- Deep diving into diet and nutrition, improving health all around

- How to keep you, and your family healthy with strong immune systems now and forever more 

- And so much more!!!

Included in this progam is weekly guidance sessions, weekly challenges. Two Coaching Sessions, one in the beginning and another at the end for follow up. (value $ 300+)

Expert Advice on what to do, how to start, what's needed and where to go next in the hair growth program. Simplified info for rapid results! 

Changes you will see and noticed during the program include: 

- less symptoms from alopecia including but not limited to dryness, dry eyes, dry skin

-digestive issues

-hair growth 

-more energy 

-depression and anxiety subsiding

-better moods

better bowl movements

-less pain and other symptoms and more empowerment over your health and well being

This progam lasts for 2 months. This is the best time to sign up, get what you need, have the strategic guidance from an expert who's had alopecia and recovered completely- AND has helped many others do the same.  In as little as two months, you are on your way to bigger and better things and seeing improved health and hair for the rest of the year and life. Reverse Alopecia once and for all.  This is your chance to make a difference in your hair growth and health! 

Whether you are a parent attending the program for your child, or the adult taking care of yourself, I have helped numerous people get their health and hair back. 

I already have other graduates that have seen hair growth in less than a month.. see my success stories page for more info. 

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Results in Less than 8 Weeks

We had great success on your program with my 21 year old son! My son grew back all of his hair in full!

Tremaine, Australia 

Some really cool, exciting, awesome news!!! I have found 2 little strands of hair on the top of my scalp!! They’re almost impossible to see, but I was looking in the bathroom mirror and I guess the light hit it just so that I could see them! I also noticed my bottom eyelash line starting to come in! The hair color is very light, but maybe that will change. I’m super excited and it gives me motivation to keep going!! I’m so amazed; I’ve had alopecia for so long that it began to feel hopeless. I’m definitely not feeling that way now and I know that healing with continue to happen and with time my hair will come back fully!! So thank you so so much! I’m so grateful to you!!

Gina, Rhode Island

I am doing really good. I am feeling healthy. I can actually see some hair regrowth. My eyebrows are coming back and I can see those very fine little hair growing on my head everywhere!! It’s hard to really believe that this is finally going to happen and I am still a bit sceptical but that’s probably just because I am a bit scared too!”

Sofia, Vancouver

Hi Johanna:-)

  Thank you for your quick reply as always!:-)   Things are going great! I am on Day 19 and I feel amazing!  I am getting a ton of compliments on my skin. My husband cannot believe how great my back looks! I have had acne on my back for years, It is almost gone.  He keeps saying, "I still cannot believe how great your back looks."  After years and years, of not being able to fall asleep at night, I am starting to be able to lay down and fall asleep like a normal person. I have not had fiber in 18 days, which I greatly depended on to not be constipated. I was very afraid of stopping it, but I am having normal bowel movements without it.  In the past, I would be in a great deal of pain if I forgot it for one day. 

As for the hair, I will say that the spot that was starting to bald on my forehead area has completely stopped falling out, and if I had to guess, has baby hairs coming in.  I am losing less and less hair each day in my brush.  I am excited to know that my hair WILL grow back and that I WILL be having beautiful hair again.  I do not have that feeling of hopelessness anymore. 

Lastly, I am getting healthy! I did not realize how my health was declining and I had no idea. I was just not putting all the pieces together. I have gained a new sense of self and a new awareness of my health. I have realized that I CAN control how I feel and how long I live.  My husband has even joined me on this journey.  I am so thankful to you and for your journey you took to gather all of your information.  I wish I could give you a big hug!"

Danyel, Las Vegas

Green Juice

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"     - Mark Twain 

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