Healing Alopecia Naturally

Hi! My name is Johanna and my story starts back when I first got alopecia. Like most, I never even knew what alopecia was until I was diagnosed. I had visible symptoms of alopecia along with  other symptoms that at the time, I didn't realize were part of having an autoimmune disease.  I didn't pay too much attention to it all until my hairdresser of over 20+ years, pointed it out and diagnosed me. 

I had one dime to nickel sized bald spot in the back of my head. Since I had plenty of hair, I thought it was not big deal, especially since it started in the back of my head. That day, in the salon, I learned how bad things could get... and they did. I was going through many transitions, but as I look back, diet and lifestyle were key to my healing... and I, like most, thought I was "healthy" until I learned otherwise. Health has a different meaning and definition once you have alopecia. Therefore the process in healing is also different. I went to see doctors, with surmounting out of pocket costs in California, Colorado and Europe. All with no results, all with the same unhelpful approach filled with pharmaceuticals or any guarantees of healing. By this time, shedding was non stop, hairloss was increasing daily, bigger bald spots had appeared and grown, not to mention receding hairline and loss of eyebrows.  Healthcare as I knew it had failed me, I needed something different.  As I analyzed my situation and weighed my options, fear crept in. I took the cortisone shots once and tried the cream too. Learning later that the cream has a 10% effective rate (if it works), I stopped it immediately, a I didn't want the side effect to that or the shots. 

I moved out of state with my fiancé to Europe as he had a job offer there. I tried to see what over the counter meds they had and what other forms of treatment they had as well. As I tried some more things, the Alopecia got worse. My little spot, turned into another spot and it started getting bigger and spreading to other areas in the back of my head. In addition, my hair by this point was coming out immensely in the shower, thinning all around, and each time I brushed my hair, I would see the whole brush covered as if I had brushed a shaggy dog. I had never seen so much hair come out in the shower or on my brush at one time.  As winter approached my depressive state worsened. I had a trip planned to see family in California, where I saw some more doctors and received treatment. (the one time head shots and cream) The cream didn't work and the shots were a mere bandaid as my condition got better slightly, then worsened. False hope with the shots. Don't do it! After the New Year I started looking at natural medicine and holistic healing. I had another trip planned to the States in April; armed with information, I started my journey through diet and lifestyle changes. I nursed myself back to health, realizing certain things I needed and the order of importance. It was quite the journey of trials and errors, but once I made headway, I knew I was on the right path. At this point, I felt more relief, because although I wasn't 100% healed, I knew I was on the right track and full healing and hair growth would be coming. As my confidence boosted, I started to run into people on the street who also had Alopecia. The more I talked about it, the more people started asking me about it and telling me their problems with hairloss. The more I researched, the more I was determined to heal myself - my thought was, "If I had hair before, why wouldn't I have hair again." Coincidently, the more openly I spoke about it, the more people I came to know who were dealing with it, and many for longer than I had. The desperation in their eyes were the same as mine. Now, with results on my head, holes filling up, hair growth coming along and feeling better, I finally regained my normalcy, and my confidence had boosted and the integrity of my hair had come back. I've always been known for my mane, big curly hair, just like this picture. But that all changed with alopecia. I know and understand how you are feeling. To make matters worse I was also dealing with grey hairs.... but that's another story. I am happy to report, that my program works. (See Success Stories) and for all types of alopecia. Once I healed completely, I knew others would benefit as well. My only desire it to spread the word and help everyone as much as possible, as there is an effective way to naturally heal alopecia, naturally heal yourself for good, without the fear of alopecia returning or coming back. You actually have more control than you think. It's now been over 4 years without alopecia and more hair and health than before alopecia ever happened. Diet & lifestyle is key, effort and time are needed along with patience, as most likely your body didn't react out of no where. Your body was triggered which led you to this point. Many people want a quick remedy or solution, but many times it's a full circle approach, a holistic approach including diet and lifestyle changes that are needed to make permanent changes. This is how I healed and am happy to help you through your journey too!  Now more than 4 years alopecia free, my mission is to help others with alopecia or any type of hairloss, reverse it naturally. I know you can heal and without the need to waste time and money on medications that don't work, and have many negative side effects. Truth be told, I didn't want any of those side effects to be another cause of concern, that's why ultimately, I knew if I had hair once, I would have hair again. I bet on myself and my health. I know our bodies can reverse disease if only we support it. This is what I teach, not just how to heal, but how to keep alopecia at bay, long term, for life. I am fully dedicated to this cause, writing books, creating programs, and speaking professionally about alopecia; how with changes to our lives we can see positive changes in our health, we just need to unlearn the old ways and learn the new ways to true health! 


Alopecia Awareness & Speaking Engagements

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Holistic Approach to Wellness & Healing Alopecia

The Alopecia Angel Way

Our approach to healing, hair growth, wellness and overall well being is holistic. We consider mind, body and spirit.   We take into account every aspect of your life, health and lifestyle.  In order to have the greatest results, all areas of your life are examined and modified. Everything we use, recommend and promote is safe, healthy, organic and natural. Obtained easily from any health food store, online or made at home. Results and side effects include hair growth, healthier environment, increased peace, increased energy, new learnings, happiness and upgrading your health all around! I come forth with a natural way to approach illness. Everyone wants a pill or a one solution cure all to their problems, and that doesn't work for all disease, let alone an autoimmune disease. We look at root causes and look for opportunities to enhance health.  As I realized I needed to take inventory in all areas of my life, I was able to get to the root cause and heal from the inside out. My objective is to help everyone with Alopecia.  I truly believe you can reverse it like many other autoimmune diseases.  I believe in the natural way of healing. It has worked for me, and with time and patience, you too, can see results. Let me help you support your body and immune system. You will be amazed at what your body can do once this happens. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to speak with me, or check out my next program, in less than 2 months, you can already see results! 

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4 weeks. Average time 2 Month Program cl
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Alopecia Angel help me with my hair loss even though I do not have Alopecia?

Yes, absolutely. Alopecia is a technical term for hair loss, whether that's due to stress, nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance or other issues, my program is for everyone whether or not you have patches or have gone bald. Improving overall health is at the core of my program, so if you want a health coach, I can also help you with your health concerns.

How do I get started with your Coaching Program?

We offer one on one coaching year round. Contact me to see if coaching is right for you! 

What is the average time that your clients see results?

Each client is different, and each one has variations of Alopecia, (universalis, totalis, areata and many others) They also sometimes have additional health concerns on top of alopecia. However, in general, I see most clients begin to see hair growth in less than 2-3 months time; full growth can be anywhere from 6 months to one year or more depending on the various situations, dedication etc.   I can guarantee that you will see improved health all around. With effort you will see greater health improvements which can and does lead to renewed hair growth as I have seen in me and many other clients. See success stories for more testimonials. 

Can Children also do your program?

Yes! Absolutely. I have helped and coached many parents in order to help their child. Many times the whole family gets involved and supports the child in their hair and health journey. The Alopecia Angel program is 100% natural, organic and has no side effects except for true health. Start your children off the right way, help them support their immune system naturally and effectively.

I have been just diagnosed with Alopecia. Where do I start?

Breathe. Everything is going to work out. Try not to be anxious about this, I realize its hard but I am here for you. I would recommend the Starter Kit  which allows you to get started immediately with reading material and much more. The Starter Kit is your blue print for health and its the starting point. I would also recommend looking at my blog for many articles regarding alopecia. 

I have more than just alopecia, I have other health concerns, Can you still help me?

Yes! Schedule a free consultation and let's talk. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you. Alternatively, you can also check out my blog for more information and interesting articles. 

I've had alopecia for more than 10, 20 or 30 years- do you think you can still help me?

YES! Absolutely. One of my clients has had alopecia for 15+ years and reversed it in 9 months with full regrowth. Another one who's had universalis for over 20 years saw hair growth in 4 months!  

I believe in the power of healing, and our bodies are very resilient. We need to support it naturally and learn how to take better care of it. There are many factors that got you here and there are many factors that you need for healing.  Each step is critical for ultimate health. Start Today. 


Can you help someone with Alopecia Universalis?

Yes! I have many clients that have Alopecia Universalis, and on my program, after just 4-5 weeks, they begin to see hair growth. It's amazing, but that's when you know you are supporting your body. The process of getting healthier is not overnight, however with patience + persistence you can achieve improved health and hair!

Are you a doctor?

No, I am a functional medicine health coach that also had Alopecia Areata and was diagnosed with Alopecia 4-5 years ago. Through my own personal journey I discovered a holistic way to heal from the inside out. Day by day implementing and tracking my own progress. Functional Medicine is about getting to the root cause, and not just treating the symptoms. My mission with Alopecia Angel, stems from wanting to help others in their health struggle, helping to heal naturally and holistically. I am happy to help and share my results, experience, research,  so together we can see you thrive and get the results you are looking for! Since alopecia and developing my program, I have completely grown back my hair, patches covered and volume and strength returning as it once was before my diagnosis. Full hair & Full Health! More than 4-5 years alopecia free. You can do the same! Guaranteed.

How is your Program different? What does it consist of?

My program is different because I was the guinea pig! I tested and tried all forms of holistic healing as well as western medicine, in the USA and in Europe. I am thorough by nature and was dedicated to this cause for my own sake, for my own health and my own head of hair. I am resilient and don't let things conquer me, rather I find a solution and thankfully, it is a well rounded, all encompassing program to better health overall, less stress and the full regrowth to my hair. My program is different because it takes into consideration all aspects of your life. With changes and lifestyle improvements, we are able to collectively heal from the inside out, just as I healed myself and now I am healing others.

Where can I read your blog?

You can easily access the Alopecia Angel blog here and and subscribe on the page directly so you can have everything delivered to you each time it publishes. We promise to never spam or sell your info. Privacy is near and dear to us and we protect your information! 


Do you have Case Studies or Testimonials? 

Yes of course. You can find testimonials on my website as well as my social media accounts. 

What is the difference between Group Coaching and One on One Coaching?

The difference between group and one one coaching is the dedicated time for your personal situation, your specific questions and your individual and unique needs during one on one. We do live coaching via web conferencing and calling and I hold you accountable and tailor the coaching to you. In group coaching, we are in a group setting, so there are opportunities to learn from others, and hear their stories and journeys, as well, being apart of a community. In group coaching we have weekly meetings, we have education with questions and answers scheduled for later that week. The course material is the same, however in the one on one, I am able to create the ideal time schedule, and format for you and your needs, vs. a set time and schedule for all.

I am ready to start, where do I begin?

There are many options for every budget, the most popular option is the Signature Program which includes coaching and lots of guidance and interaction. Then the Starter Kit is also a great choice and the books too share the wealth of information for get you going on your journey to health. Learn more on the Education page at the top. 

Green Goodness

Frequently Asked Questions

Here to Help


Did you have alopecia? What kind? Why did you start this?

I did have alopecia. I had a mix of Telogen Effluvium, Frontal Fibrosing and Alopecia Areata. You can read my full story on the About page. I started this site, wrote my book and developed courses to help others going through Alopecia. I know exactly how you feel, I've been in your shoes, and I know how doctors really don't have may answers and options for treatments. I wanted to go natural and holistic because I believe in my body. I believe my body can be healthy and thrive, I know I was born to healthy and that all I needed to do was figure out the imbalance. With my program I also get to see results from my clients which is fantastic. More proof that holistic healing methods for alopecia is possible for me and you!

What forms of payment does Alopecia Angel take?

You can easily checkout with credit card.

What is the difference between your Programs?

The Signature Program is geared towards healing alopecia only- for kids, adults, men and women alike;  and the Alopecia + Baby Prep Program is focused on women who are looking to conceive soon and want to prepare their bodies for this time, and at the same time, heal their alopecia and ensure they have all the information they need to create a healthy baby and ensure their pregnancy is also autoimmune friendly.

Does your Program Help Any race or ethnicity ?

Yes, regardless of race, ethnicity, age or for how long you have had Aloepcia, we can help and get your hair growing once more.

Can you help someone with Traction Alopecia ?

Yes indeed! Traction alopecia might take more time, but this too can be helped and reversed.


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