"If Diet is Wrong Medicine is of No Use, if Diet is Correct Medicine is of No Need"

~ Ayurvedic Principal

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Economical and Emotional Cost of Hairloss alopecia alopecia programs alopecia support autoimmune diet economics emotional cost hair growth hair loss well-being Feb 24, 2021
I have heard many times when speaking to new clients - they mention I am their "last hope" for healing and reversal of their alopecia. They have tried modern medicine, they have tried PRP, laser caps, they have tried homeopaths, acupuncture and so much more... they stumble upon Alopecia Angel in...
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How Your Convenience Mindset is Hurting Your Hairloss and Hair Growth alopecia alopecia alopecia support hair alopecia angel alopecia programs convenience diet drive through hair growth hair health hair loss lifestyle Oct 13, 2020
Our society breeds convenience, we love it! We cannot live without it! And when we have a problem, any problem, we want answers, results and solutions, pronto! (like yesterday)
I get that, and I understand completely.
However there is a line between convenience and actual (long...
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