Can Alopecia Angel help me with my hair loss even though I do not have Alopecia?

​Yes, absolutely. Alopecia is a technical term for hair loss, whether that's due to stress, nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance, or other issues. My program is for everyone whether or not you have patches or have gone bald. Improving overall health is at the core of my program, so if you want a health coach, I can also help you with your health concerns.

​Can Children also do your program?

Yes! Absolutely. I have helped and coached many parents in order to help their children. Many times the whole family gets involved and supports the child in their hair and health journey. The Alopecia Angel program is 100% natural, organic, and has no side effects except for true health. Start your children off the right way, help them support their immune system naturally and effectively.

I have more than just alopecia. I have other health concerns, can you still help me?

Yes! More often than not, clients of all ages come to me with more than just alopecia and they also see their ancillary issues or health conditions fully resolve, improve significantly and get better. Improving health is day by day, not overnight, but 8 weeks in the Hair N Heal program allows significant time to see results shine through! 

I have been just diagnosed with Alopecia.

Where do I start?

​Breathe. Everything is going to work out. Try not to be anxious about this, I realize it's hard but I am here for you. I would recommend not wasting time or resources and moving forward with the RIGHT and ONLY way to heal Alopecia for good by joining the Hair N Heal Program. Did you know that 25% of people who have alopecia go on to acquire a second or third autoimmune disease. Time is of the essence and you want to resolve this before it can get worse! 

I've had alopecia for more than 10, 20, or 30 years- do you think you can still help me?

YES! Absolutely. One of my clients has had alopecia for 15+ years and reversed it in 9 months with full regrowth. Another one who's had Universalis for over 20 years saw hair growth in 4 months!
I believe in the power of healing, and our bodies are very resilient. We need to support it naturally and learn how to take better care of it. Many factors got you here and there are many factors that you need for healing.  Each step is critical for ultimate health. Start today!

Can you help people with alopecia and thyroid issues or disease?

Yes we can! We have seen reversal of symptoms for thyroid issues and some clients even reverse their Grave’s disease or Hashimoto’s diagnosis. They also saw hairgrowth during the program and afterwards!


Can you help someone with alopecia and second or third autoimmune disease?

Yes we do and we can help you. We evaluate you and create recommendations for you, tailored for you

Can we work with you even though I am working with another practitioner, naturopath, doctor, etc?

Yes you can. Many times clients like to keep their practitioner and also implement new learnings from the Hair N Heal program into their treatment with their other practitioner. That’s ok and we accommodate for that.


Does this program help people with alopecia due to hormones, menopause, peri menopause?

Yes it does and we have seen it occur in numerous clients. Don’t think that just because you have other concerns around age or cycle or health conditions that you cannot get your health and hair back! We teach you how step by step. In the evaluation we tailor this to you!

Are you a doctor?

No, I am a functional medicine health coach that also had Alopecia Areata and was diagnosed with Alopecia 4-5 years ago. Through my journey, I discovered a holistic way to heal from the inside out. Day by day implementing and tracking my progress. Functional Medicine is about getting to the root cause, and not just treating the symptoms. My mission with Alopecia Angel stems from wanting to help others in their health struggle, helping to heal naturally and holistically. I am happy to help and share my results, experience, research,  so together we can see you thrive and get the results you are looking for! Since alopecia and developing my program, I have completely grown back my hair, patches covered and volume and strength returning as it once was before my diagnosis. Full hair & Full Health! More than 4-5 years alopecia free. You can do the same! Guaranteed.


How is your Program different? What does it consist of?

​My program is different because I was the guinea pig! I tested and tried all forms of holistic healing as well as western medicine, in the USA and  Europe. I am thorough by nature and was dedicated to this cause for my own sake, for my own health, and my own head of hair. I am resilient and don't let things conquer me, rather I find a solution, and thankfully, it is a well-rounded, all-encompassing program to better health overall, less stress, and the full regrowth to my hair. My program is different because it takes into consideration all aspects of your life. With changes and lifestyle improvements, we can collectively heal from the inside out, just as I healed myself and now I am healing others.


What happens to the 10% who don’t see hair growth in 8 weeks?

Everyone’s body is different, depending on how well you follow the program, it might take a little more time, which is ok. Remember, it took me over 3 years to barely see hair growth… a few more weeks until hairgrowth comes is ok. Sometimes there are blindspots to work through and these are a work in progress. Yes 90% see hair growth in 8 weeks or less, but if you happen to be apart of the 10% then there is a little more work to be done and again, everyone journey is different and its not one size fits all. Enjoy the journey and if you need extra help and support and access to the program, then we can always accommodate and help! We want to see you succeed, and just because it may not happen as quickly, does not mean it won’t happen. Take it from someone who tripped over several blindspots for months and years until seeing hairgrowth and now 100% FULL HEALTH. You can do this, we have seen it be done and starting with the evaluation will give you the keys to unlock your personal success. 


Can I upgrade at anytime?

You can upgrade your program within the first week. 

Can I add on private coaching at anytime?

Yes, all programs have the options to get private consultations inside the program.


Where can I read your blog?

​You can easily access the Alopecia Angel blog here and subscribe to the page directly so you can have everything delivered to you each time it publishes. We promise to never spam or sell your info. Privacy is near and dear to us and we protect your information! 


Do you have Case Studies or Testimonials? 

Yes of course. You can find testimonials on my website as well as my social media accounts. Click here to view success stories. 


I am ready to start, where do I begin?

There are many options for every budget, you can start with the book or fast track your progress by joining the next Hair N Heal program.

Did you have alopecia? What kind? Why did you start this?

I did have Alopecia. I had a mix of Telogen Effluvium, Frontal Fibrosing, and Alopecia Areata. You can read my full story on the About page. I started this site, wrote my book, and developed courses to help others going through Alopecia. I know exactly how you feel, I've been in your shoes, and I know how doctors don't have many answers and options for treatments. I wanted to go natural and holistic because I believe in my body. I believe my body can be healthy and thrive, I know I was born healthy and that all I needed to do was figure out the imbalance. With my program, I also get to see results from my clients which is fantastic. More proof that holistic healing methods for Alopecia are possible for me and you!


What forms of payment does Alopecia Angel take?

You can easily checkout with a credit card.


Does your Program Help Any race or ethnicity?

Yes, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or for how long you have had Alopecia, we can help and get your hair growing once more.


Can you help someone with Traction Alopecia?

​Yes indeed! Traction Alopecia might take more time, but this too can be helped and reversed.