Frequently Asked Questions


I am a vegan/ vegetarian/ pescatarian/meat-eater, can you still accommodate me? 

Yes, this program easily accommodates your diet restrictions.


I have a child with Alopecia can I do the program for them?

Yes, many parents do the program for their children and see results in less than 2 months. The whole family is involved and supporting the child with Alopecia. It becomes a win-win situation as everyone gets healthier together.


What is the format of the Program?

The program is completely online. There is a member portal to which you will be entered and you will have access to the information immediately, on a weekly basis. Since many clients are in different time zones, you have all week, when your schedule allows you to see and take in the content.


Can you help people with alopecia and thyroid issues or disease?

Yes we can! We have seen reversal of symptoms for thyroid issues and some clients even reverse their Grave’s disease or Hashimoto’s diagnosis. They also saw hairgrowth during the program and afterwards!


Can we work with you even though I am working with another practitioner, naturopath, doctor, etc?

Yes you can. Many times clients like to keep their practitioner and also implement new learnings from the Hair N Heal program into their treatment with their other practitioner. That’s ok and we accommodate for that.


What happens to the 10% who don’t see hair growth in 8 weeks?

Everyone’s body is different, depending on how well you follow the program, it might take a little more time, which is ok. Remember, it took me over 3 years to barely see hair growth… a few more weeks until hairgrowth comes is ok. Sometimes there are blindspots to work through and these are a work in progress. Yes 90% see hair growth in 8 weeks or less, but if you happen to be apart of the 10% then there is a little more work to be done and again, everyone journey is different and its not one size fits all. Enjoy the journey and if you need extra help and support and access to the program, then we can always accommodate and help! We want to see you succeed, and just because it may not happen as quickly, does not mean it won’t happen. Take it from someone who tripped over several blindspots for months and years until seeing hairgrowth and now 100% FULL HEALTH. You can do this, we have seen it be done and starting with the evaluation will give you the keys to unlock your personal success.

When is your Next Program ?

Programs are offered periodically, sign up below to be the first one notified and placed on the waitlist. 


How soon can I expect results? Where does the hair grow first?

I cannot predict where the hair grows first, but more than likely it will be hair on the head and facial hair. (eyebrows, eyelashes, beard for men)  Clients see results as soon as week 3, others take a little longer. It all depends on how you follow the program, implement everything, and also every one of us is different, our bodies are different and some have other ailments beyond alopecia. But regardless of the situation, the success rate to see hair growth in less than 8 weeks is 90%!


How long is the Program for?

The Hair N' Heal Program is 2 months long or 8 weeks total.


Can I upgrade at anytime?

You can upgrade your program within the first week

Can I add on group coaching at anytime?

Yes, all programs have the options to get group consultations inside the program.


Can you help someone with alopecia and second or third autoimmune disease?

Yes we do and we can help you. We evaluate you and create recommendations for you, tailored for you.


Does this program help people with alopecia due to hormones, menopause, peri menopause?

Yes it does and we have seen it occur in numerous clients. Don’t think that just because you have other concerns around age or cycle or health conditions that you cannot get your health and hair back! We teach you how step by step. In the evaluation we tailor this to you!

What types of Alopecia Have You Had Success With?

Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, AGA, female pattern baldness, Telogen Effluvium, Traction, stress-induced hair loss, and Frontal Fibrosing. I can't say I have had success with other types of Alopecia because I have yet to treat someone with other types of Alopecia or hair loss.