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I always get questions about which shampoos and body products are good, which brands for supplements and vitamins are best, what I use personally and are the ones I recommend most. Amazon is a great place to shop for these items. I provide the links below for you to easily access what you need without spending too much time comparing or figuring out if the ingredients are Alopecia Approved. *Note, not all these items are needed for one program or another, or one client or another, if you need help schedule a coaching call with me to discuss. You can click directly on the picture and the Amazon page will load.


Klaire Labs: Hepatothera Forte


Klaire Labs: Vital Zymes


Aloe Vera




Magnesium Glycinate




Vitamin D3








Vitamin C


Milk Thistle


Liver Capsules


Omega 3


Hair, Skin & Nails


Maca Powder


Protein Powder AIP Compliant


Protein Powder AIP Compliant


Protein Powder AIP Compliant


Children's Vitamins

Click on the button below, these are the vitamins I prefer and recommend for all my clients with children.  Also using coupon code "Liquid10" you can save $10 off your first purchase.


Shower Water Softener

Mention Coupon Code "Angel 10" and you will receive a discount


Bach Flower - Stress Remedy Travel Size


Dandelion Tea


Licorice Tea


Yerba Mate Tea


Holy Basil Tea


Toothpaste - Fluoride Free


Blue Blocking Glasses


The 5 Minute Journal


Biotin Shampoo + Conditioner


Black Castor Oil Shampoo + Conditioner


Amla Hair Oil


Black Castor Hair Oil 


Dr. Mercola Book : EMF'D


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