Episode 1: Healed and Recovered from Alopecia and You Can Do It Too! 


The Alopecia Angel Podcast "Awaken to Hair Growth" by Johanna Dahlman

Today’s episode of the podcast is about the journey of Johanna Dahlman with alopecia, how she started Alopecia Angel, and how did she learn to heal Alopecia, the natural and holistic way.



  • Alopecia Angel was created to get the hair grown.

  • Different types of Alopecia and ethnicities; men, women, children of all ages, of all races.

  • Alopecia is more than hair loss and out-of-body experience.

  • Heal in a natural and holistic way.

  • Healing Alopecia is not a one-sized result, it's very much customized. 



  • An introduction to Johanna 02:16

  • Some sypmtoms that go along with alopecia 4:18

  • Why Alopecia Angel was created 5:30

  • Types of alopecia 6:09

  • First step to healing 7:07

  • When you learn how to heal it in a natural and holistic way 9:12

  • Effects of medications for alopecia 12:28



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Awaken to hair growth. Awaken to hair growth because there is a possibility to get your hair back. Awaken to hair growth because we're not told that we're able to conquer and overcome alopecia. Awaken to hair growth because I want to be a positive light and beacon for you because I've healed my alopecia and now I help others do the same with different types of alopecia, men, women, children, of all ages of all races and ethnicities.


Hello everybody. And welcome to alopecia angel podcast, awaken to hair growth. Awaken to hair growth because during my own alopecia experience and journey, no one gave me any clue that it was possible to reverse. No one gave me any hope or any signs of healing. No one gave me any guarantees and really no one gave me any positive feedback at all.


No community, no organization, no nothing, was ever positive or ever really, you know, shown a light that this was possible to reverse and I wanted to welcome you, not just to the podcast, but also to the possibility of hair growth, because it is possible. And it is because I'm here as proof, but more than that, all my clients are too.


And you may be thinking well, what type of alopecia did you have? What type of alopecia do your clients have? Is this really possible for me? And I'll tell you that I have tons of case studies. I have tons of clients from all over the world, different ethnicities, children men and women of all ages and races and additionally different types of alopecia including  totalis, universalis, androgenetic alopecia, areata, telogen effluvium, uh, diffuse, traction alopecia and so many more that have all been reversed.


And unfortunately the medical system, the education there has not allowed us, including myself, to heal through that method. And this is part of why I started Alopecia Angel. So let's go back a little bit. Who am I? Well, my name is Johanna and I was diagnosed with alopecia more than six years ago and it took me over three years to finally see hair growth.


And granted, when I first was diagnosed, which was in the salon of my hairdresser who knows me since I'm 13 years old. You know, it was pretty devastating and very, very traumatic. It was probably the first time that I cried at the salon in front of everybody. When I started researching what alopecia was since he was the one who had diagnosed me right then and there.


And at my healthiest that I thought that I was, I was still diagnosed with alopecia. And, you know, in hindsight now looking back, I realized that it doesn't matter. You know who you are, the alopecia doesn't discriminate. So my clients range from dieticians, to nutritionists, to personal trainers, to hairstylists, to pharmaceutical representatives, to all different types of people, in the health and wellness industry, along with the medical community, along with just regular average children that are in school.


Moms or, you know, people who are teachers and healthcare providers and you know, every different walk of life really. And what had happened was that I was diagnosed and I went straight to my doctor, just like many of you all have done. I went straight to my doctor, I didn't get the results I wanted. I went to another doctor and another doctor and another doctor and still no results, you know and all these recommendations and all their medications and all the trials just seem like band-aids, there was no results and no guarantees.


I was frustrated with the system and I was frustrated with not having answers and not having control. And this is what led me on this journey. I was so driven to get my hair back. I was so driven to get my health back in order, because for those of you who are dealing with alopecia, let's say the parents of children with alopecia, what you don't know is that alopecia is much more than hair loss.


It is an out of body experience, there are a gazillion symptoms that go along with it, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, ridges, and cracks on the fingernails, digestive issues, dry skin, dry eyes, fatigue, headaches. There are just a numerous varieties of different symptoms and I felt them all I really did.


And it's almost like COVID in that sense where it's not just a regular flu, it's much more than that and for each person it's a little different and just like alopecia, it's a little different for everybody. And this is why they say there's no cure, cause not one pill or one cortisone shot or one type of medication will heal and cure everybody.


And that's very true, it won't and so this is what led me to go the holistic and natural route, because again, I was fed up with the medical establishment. I was fed up with bandaid solutions. I was fed up with products that didn't pull through and didn't show anything for it and this is why I created Alopecia Angel cause I don't want anyone else to have to suffer, to have to prolong any results, or to struggle with hair loss anymore. It took me over three years and three years of full-time dedication.


And when I say full-time dedication, I mean 16, 14, 18 hour days, weekends included full on dedicated to this. I made it my job to get my hair back because for those of you watching on YouTube, you can see that I have if I may say beautiful, healthy, curly hair, and I've always had my curly hair and I didn't want to lose it. 


And the type of alopecia that I had started as areata and I also experienced diffuse and I also was experiencing signs of totalis because yes, you can graduate to the next step which is totalis, you can graduate to universalis. What I like to say is that alopecia is kind of like a cold, and if you let it fester, it will graduate to bronchitis, it can graduate to pneumonia. And as anyone knows, you don't want pneumonia, you don't want bronchitis, you don't want a mizzly cold to get out of hand, right?


And so when you have alopecia, it's best to address it as soon as possible, do not let it fester because I've had clients come to me after 10 years, 20 years of it letting it fester, you know, in their vicious cycles, come and go, come and go, come and go and not do anything just assuming, thinking and crossing fingers that it'll get better and then lo and behold it doesn't, it gets worse.


So that's your first step is to not let it fester, but going back to why I started Alopecia Angel is because again, when you have a proven solution to be able to create the results, to get the hair growth in less time, to avoid additional an excess suffering, crying, tears, pain, why not? Why not? And so after three years of struggling myself, I knew I had to share my story and also share my process with the world.


And again, it took me three years just to see a little bit of hair growth, but then I dialed in, I wrote a book, I wrote another book. I started coaching people and lo and behold different types of people with different types of alopecia started healing and starting seeing hair growth in less than two months in less than three months in less than four weeks. And this is when I knew that I had to share my knowledge, my information with the world. And so Alopecia Angel was born, and now here in 2022 that Alopecia Angel podcast is born too, because it's important to get the news out. It's important to decipher and to take away all the misinformation that a search online can give you to what your doctors are telling you, to what is truly possible because that's the reality.


There are more possibilities for hair growth than what people lead you to believe. There's more possibilities to healing if you really want it, then what your doctors, the medical establishment is leading you to believe you can reverse this. Just like I know of people who've reversed their MS, their Hasimoto's and so many other situations with autoimmune disease, you can reverse it and you can heal it. It's possible. Granted there's work involved, but it's definitely possible. So I was first diagnosed six years ago and as I mentioned, it was absolutely devastating.


What I've come to learn is that healing it, the natural and holistic way is far better off for you in the long run because: 

  1. You're upgrading your immune system
  2. Because you're tackling the root cause of your alopecia
  3. Because once you understand and learn how to control your health and your alopecia, then it can never come back to haunt you.


Let me say that again, it can never come back to haunt you. So for those of you, who've had vicious cycles of on and off over years, monster decades, you can put a stop to all that. You can put the kibosh and say no more to the vicious cycles. You can also say no more to the hair loss and you can also understand and learn to be more self-aware so that you understand what's needed to keep you personally in balance.


And I say this because you know, healing Alopecia is not a one size fits all, It's very much customized. And also there's many factors, there's many factors to alopecia. It's not just diet, it's not just this, it's not just that, there are so many factors and all the factors have to be uncovered, it's almost like that game, you know, where you're trying to do matching of, let's say, the flour with the flour and the Ferris wheel with the Ferris wheel. It's like that card game if you know what I'm talking about, where you have all the cards and they're all face down and then you start uncovering them and you start making the match.


It's kind of like that, where you have to uncover every factor and every nook and cranny to really get the full picture of what's needed and what the ingredients are specifically for you. And you're probably asking yourself, so how do I know the factors and how do I know what's needed for me? Because you know, everyone's different.


Well, within my years of working with people and clients from all over the world, I've created a program. It's called the Hair and Heal program, and in this program, we talk about the customization. We also go through all the factors that are needed, and it gives you the foundation for you to see the results and for you to upgrade your health in less time.


And this is huge because no one is teaching us this. No one is really giving us the full perspective or the full picture of what health looks like of what and how to treat alopecia naturally. And guess what, without any side-effects, without any risks or negative issues later on down the road. So when I got alopecia, I was in my thirties and I had just met my husband. And, you know, when you meet that special person in your life the next step for me was babies and fertility and growing my family.


And the unfortunate thing about all this was that during alopecia, or when I was diagnosed and dating and going through the motions of getting together and getting engaged and all this was that yes, I was looking at the next steps, but at the same time I was also confronted with, do I take medication? Do I not take medications for alopecia? Do I do the steroid shots? Do I do this? Do I do that? And granted, I did try, I did try a lot of the medications and a lot of that I said, no, because I started researching more and more about the effects and the side effects.


And a lot of it affects your fertility, lo and behold, a lot of the medications also hinder other areas of your health, including kidneys and your liver and there are risks and side effects. And if there was anything that I didn't want to hinder was my fertility, but also my health in general. There's no point in trying to obtain hair growth when you're destroying other areas of your health. It just doesn't make sense to me and it also doesn't make sense to me that the cortisone shots or any cortisone type treatments suppress your immune system.


That also doesn't make sense to me where the doctor is prescribing a medication that suppresses your immune system, that doesn't make sense. And to me now with COVID, right, it's just, it makes you even more vulnerable. So if you are taking this medication, I would highly encourage you to re-think that and re-evaluate that because again, suppressing your immune system only makes you more vulnerable to disease. It doesn't upgrade your health at all, at all.


And so that's first and foremost, I wanted to protect my fertility. I wanted to give myself the option to have kids. And luckily, yes, I am now a parent and I love being a mother, but I also love talking about alopecia. It always comes up in every topic and this is probably another reason why I started the podcast, because I can't talk enough about it and about the possibilities for you to reverse this.


So whether it's been five months or five years or 50 years, know that it's possible to reverse, and this is again why I created Alopecia Angel because there is no beacon of light. There is no spark of hope anywhere and when I was going through alopecia and through my journey, it was all negative. It was all doom and gloom. It was all depressing. It just worsened, probably my mindset, my spirit, and just my outlook on what was possible for me. And I know that many times we look up to people, we look up to  people who do good in the world. We look up to certain people who advocate for other groups of people and for other causes.


And I want to advocate for you. I want to advocate for those with alopecia who think that there's no possibility to healing who are confused by all the misguided information that's online or the misinformation that they're given from one doctor to another, to the dermatologist and the endocrinologist to here to there and everywhere else and everything in between, because there is a streamlined approach.


There is approach that is customized to people. There is a way for you to heal. And it, and it doesn't have to include medications, pharmaceuticals of any sort. And I made it this way, because again for me, because I wanted to protect myself, I wanted to upgrade my health and I have, and again, it's been more than six years going on to seven and it's been a beautiful thing, not just for me, but for the hundreds of clients that I've helped already all around the world.


If this is your first introduction to Alopecia Angel, now that I started with an ebook, it's called “The Secrets to Health and Hair Growth”. And I started this book in English. It's now also in Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. And from there I continued on with a cookbook and now I have a full fledged course, a two month course that is offered periodically.


But more importantly, if you really wanted to understand Alopecia a little bit more and understand the positive sides to this, but then also maybe other sides that you haven't really considered, I would highly suggest that you grab the free downloads online at the website And you can find free PDFs that include what medications cause hair loss, because yes, certain medications, including birth control create hair loss.


You can also learn how the risks and side effects of typical, common alopecia medications, those that are strictly for boys and men and those that are strictly for women. And guess what a lot of it affects fertility for both genders and it's quite disheartening. So if you're not aware and you're just taking the Kool-Aid like, I like to say from the doctor without asking questions with their 10 minute, seven minute timeframe, they're not going to have enough time to go over the risks and the ramifications of this medication.


So, inform yourself and this is why I have these free PDFs online for you. I also have a free PDF about children and how to, and understand a little bit more about what's going on with children and alopecia because alopecia and children is a little different than alopecia in adults and vice versa, right?


And so the approach and the programs are all very much tailored. It can't be one size fits all. And this is again why there's quote and quote note here because not one pill, not one cream will do it for any, for everybody. It just won't happen, but there is a way to heal and there is a way to reverse alopecia.


It's just a holistic way, it's a holistic, natural route that essentially the medical community cannot monetize because it's not in the form of a pill or a potion or a serum or a shampoo, right. So, if you want to heal, if you want to reverse and say goodbye to alopecia, I recommend and encourage you to take this podcast and continue the journey with me.


I have so much to share. I have so much wisdom and I want to empower you to take back your control and take back your hair growth. I look forward to talking to you and speaking more. The next episode will be juicy and so will the next upcoming ones as well. Thank you so much and take care. 


Thank you for listening to the Alopecia Angel podcast, a positive light and healing alopecia. You can do this and we can help spread the word that reversing Alopecia is possible by telling your friends and family.

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