The Million Dollar Question with Alopecia and How You Can Solve It Today!

Nov 08, 2021

As an Alopecia expert, I have helped hundreds of people regain their hair back and reverse alopecia completely…. men, women and children from all over the world in less time! This brings me so much joy and happiness as I too struggled with alopecia far longer than I really should have. I have heard so many questions, various questions around alopecia and the one question that pops up continuously beyond how to heal it, is, WHY ME? Why did my child get alopecia/ why did I get alopecia?

Oddly enough, I never asked myself this, not even one time. I knew something was off. Something was off balance and I was determined to get my hair back because I had hair ALL MY LIFE…except now.

I did ask, however why now? Which lead me to more investigative work.

So how to answer the WHY ME question?


"WHY You" isn’t the right question you or anyone should be asking, rather we should reframe it and ask, “What is this teaching me?”

What is this teaching you will lead to opportunities to understand, investigate and discover what could be going wrong— let me add here to say, that its NO ONE'S FAULT that we got alopecia however IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to heal it.

The WHY ME question isn’t helpful at all… it propels you into a pity party of desperation and creates a victim mentality. In addition, it doesn’t allow you to think clearly or straight as you are in this tunnel of victim hood where nothing else makes sense and no logic can enter. Thankfully for me, logic and rational is my forté and my research and investigative skills are top notch.

To make matters worse, losing your hair isn’t an easy thing,.. it messes with your mind, with all parts of your body, not just your follicles, and many times it gets worse, waaaayyyy worse before it gets better. Personally, it felt like a tsunami of sorts, an out of body situation where I no longer understood or could comprehend what was going on. If this is you, take heart… there is a way out!

This tailspin of sorts only allows you to focus on what you are losing rather what you can be gaining.. granted, I know this hard to do.. I know this is extremely hard when you are faced with going bald, losing eyelashes and seeing your hair loss progress, especially when its at a rapid pace. To add more insult to injury, many times people are faced with acquiring a second and third autoimmune disease all at the same time - not good I know, but the more you let it linger, the more opportunity for this to happen.

Having worked at Apple for many years, the environment is one of how to make things happen, even if they seem impossible. To make the impossible possible. I believe this training, the environment, the culture, led me to scour all corners and ensure nothing was left unmarked for me to be whole and complete again in terms of alopecia. I took this knowledge and training and applied it to this challenge, to this opportunity, to my alopecia.

The WHY ME question doesn’t come into play when you have this mindset, of “How can I make this happen, How can I make this possible” - there is no time to dwell on the WHY ME, when you are busy taking ACTION into approaches that can possibly lead you to victory.

True, it can be a rabbit hole of sorts which requires patience, self awareness and continuous action, but the results can be amazing. (Hello to being Alopecia Free for over 5+ years and never looking back, upgrading my health, helping others and boosting fertility all at the same time!!)

I was interviewed on a podcast where the host had an autoimmune disease and had healed it herself after more than 10 years. TEN WHOLE YEARS to finally be done and heal.. that’s perseverance isn’t it? When we were talking about how I healed mine and how long it took, just a bit over 3 years.. she came to a realization… she came to a massive AH- HA moment on air… she realized that she spent the first half of her healing journey asking the WHY ME question- which in turn took her longer to heal than to see things in a different way; in a different light so that she could heal faster.

The WHY ME question holds you back. It keeps you pinned down in the “poor me” state of mind which doesn’t allow any room for healing or possibility of healing.

The WHY ME frame work works against you on all levels and turns you into the sad, bitter, helpless angry person I have encouraged and encountered in forums and in various alopecia communities. There is so much negativity in and around them, that when I was first diagnosed it felt like going to a party where you felt you didn’t fit in… and I didn’t fit in. I was motivated and optimistic about my healing.. I was on a mission. They were in complete opposite and opposing states of mind where nothing I said could help them.

Many times WE are our own roadblock… WE are our own blindspot… WE are in our own way towards positive healing, true health and healthy hair growth.

Think about that for a minute.

Have you been asking the wrong questions, have you been in this puddle of worries and uncertainty.. have you opened the door to negativity and perpetual dark clouds that forecast doom and gloom?

This is part of the problem with any diagnosis. We as human we look towards the worst case scenario believe doctors that say there is no cure and live our lives with this belief from someone who can be many times wrong.

Did you know that the number one reason of deaths is in the USA?

Its due to medical malpractice… mistakes doctors have made. Ya… take that in.

Doctors are humans not perfect Almighty beings… they make mistakes and say the wrong things many times.

So how do you solve this today? How do you get out of the WHY ME question?

You can solve the WHY ME question with asking the right questions instead.

Ask instead:

  • What is this teaching me?
  • Who has the experience in healing that I am looking for?
  • Where can I find positivity around alopecia?
  • What success stories can I see that inspire me?

In addition look at what you can CONTROL:

  • You can control your hairloss (education is needed) See Hair N Heal Program
  • You can control your thoughts
  • You can control your beliefs
  • You can control who you hang around with
  • You can control what forums and communities you subscribe to
  • You can control who you seek help from
  • You can control your attitude about alopecia ( yes its hard, but its not a death sentence… you can overcome this)
  • You can control your inaction or action surrounding your health and hairloss
  • You decide and have control over so many factors in health, healing and what you do next.


Stop asking the wrong questions and hanging out with naysayers… believe in those who have found the solution to your problem. (thanks for following)

And most importantly, realize that this journey of alopecia or any other diagnosis is teaching us something… life is our teacher.. its not always going to to be easy and simple and perfect … its actually just the opposite.. but in a good way. Life offers us challenges and lessons we need to learn to upgrade ourselves in various ways. I cannot express how much I have been upgraded in various parts of my life due to this hardship. Its been a blessing in disguise. The more you realize there is so much you can do, you will feel better and your attitudes and actions will pivot into a new direction. Take heart for all of you going through this.. I know exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through… and its going to be OK… you will look back at alopecia one day with a smile and feel so proud that you have overcome this. Let me help you get there! Going alone is hard, going with someone with experience is easier, smarter and better. Take heart you are in good company. 

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