Why does Alopecia Persist? Why has it been months, years and more struggling with hairloss?

Dec 13, 2021
Deep down you know.. you know you could be doing more, you know you are missing an area or two of help, you know you can heal but you are still stuck ….. and although you say to yourself “I have tried it all” I beg to differ and here’s why. 
Have you ever heard of the phrase, “ what resists persists?” This phrase eludes to our un-willingness to do a bit more, to change, to try something new or even to embrace a new idea. The reason so many bad and mediocre situations  continuously occur in our lives  is because nothing has changed to make it better. We have done nothing to move the needle, we have not implemented the right strategies or plan. 
Another saying I love says: “ You either leave it, change it , or embrace it” this is great, because as humans we all love to complain and talk about whats going wrong instead of looking at whats going right.. I too at times need to catch myself… but then, I recall this phrase and 90% of the time I do something to change it but if its needed to leave… then I do..
There is a lot of truth to this phrase! So many people complain about alopecia… but what are they doing to resolve it? Are they consistent?  Do they have the right plan and strategy? Or have they given up hope because of whats been made available to them?  If we need more help, we need to find it… If we can change our situation which by the way has an amazing trickle down effect into all areas of our lives.. than why not change it? Why hold ourselves back?  Let’s change the things we can change, and get the hair we had and want because you know what, the strategy you've used in the past won't work now, There is a Better Way, a better strategy tailored to you. 
The two phrases have been very poignant in my life. I had a couple co-workers who were on me about doing some specialized courses… and I said to myself.. “ya sure, I would love to do it when I have more time”— I never made it a priority until it became critical for me to do them. In hindsight, had I done the programs earlier, I probably would not have gone through a sequence of bad things later, that I ended up having to go through.. obviously bad things, but hey… you live and learn. I now see the signs… when something is mentioned or comes up again and again— TAKE NOTICE AND PAY ATTENTION. This in a way is my interpretation of the universe trying to tell me something.. the universe whispers to us and we need to hear it… many times its for our own good… I know the world is for me, and I know it only wants us to be our best selves… trying to push me towards greatness, towards my evolution of being a better person. We either take the easy way (listening to the whispers) or the harder way (by the circumstances we are somewhat forced into)… we sometimes just don’t know it. 
The reason why things persist, typically, is because we haven’t taken the initiative to change. I understand change, or embracing a new habit is a bit new, awkward and even weird.. but what about the results? 
In this case, being coachable, being open to a new perspective would push you further into healing and hairgrowth than you might think. 
Are you coachable? Are you open to learning more? 
The same two sayings from above can be translated into dating, work, finances, relationships, health and even into smaller situations like ordering things online. 
For example:  I waited  last minute to order something online and now, they won’t deliver sooner than I need the items… .. if I know I need a buffer of about 4-5 days for these items to be delivered, I cannot expect magical situations to be the norm. I cannot expect my items to be delivered sooner when in reality, it will take longer. 
If you don’t want the plan, if you don’t want to implement a strategy, if you don’t want to embrace a new idea, then you will only have the same results, the same consequences IF NOT WORSE, to live with. 
I cannot express how true this is for alopecia.
I’ve had clients follow me for 2, 3 and even 5 years before joining the program. What do they say to me? “ I wished I had joined sooner” 
What does another year or two or three do for you with hairloss? Does it change the way you live? The way you show up to your loved ones and friends? Does it cast a shadow on your true self?  - It does, and potentially causes a downward spiral in every area of lives. I know clients have had issues at work, school, and in dating and just doing normal life activities and hobbies all because of alopecia. 
You can avoid that and the added depressions, anxiety and even being apart of the 25% of people who add on another autoimmune disease or two because the first one hasn't been fully addressed and healed. Yes you can heal and reverse it, but the longer you wait, the more prolonged health affecting you and your overall well being. 
I know for many of you its been a long time with no results, no hope and no hair growth… don’t let that happen.. there is a strategy, there is a plan in place to help you thrive and be your healthiest self… take action.. and make the changes necessary to obtain the health and hair growth.. its really all in our control… we just need more guidance on what that looks like. And I get it.. no one openly talks about this.. no one openly says they’ve healed and recovered… no one openly wants to tell their secrets… but its doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. It doesn’t have to be something you accept or try to embrace.. you don’t have to leave it… those two options perhaps are not in your favor anyway. 
Why? Because if you don’t do anything about your alopecia situation,(leaving it)  then YES things can get worse and they normally do. Yes you can go bald. Yes you can acquire a second or third autoimmune disease. 
If you try to embrace it..ahhhh … well, I guess I can only speak for myself on this one… but I feel as though embracing Alopecia would be an uphill battle that I would never win. Something that would never happen for me.. because … when it comes to my hair…  I love my hair. I love my curls, I love how my big hair is apart of my identity and yes.. friends and family can pick me out in a crowd because of it… there is no mistaking ME because that’s a piece of me… and its something I don’t want to ever let go of and from the beginning I knew I didn’t have to.. I just needed to navigate unchartered waters to see health and hair come back on my terms in the process, making me healthier, more fertile and happier too! (Yes I said more fertile!) 
So what’s left? If the two above options are not options for you.. then lets fix this.. once and for all. The sooner you start the sooner your full hair appears! 
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