5 Reasons Why "You Haven't Tried Everything" to Heal Your Alopecia

Mar 05, 2020
I get a lot of messages and many of whom start by saying that they've tried everything and nothing works... Perhaps maybe you even feel that way yourself. But in reality, in our own heart to hearts, let's be honest. You haven't. If you had, you would have an answer as to why your current situation does not include health and hair, because surely by now you know, after reading my 70+ blog posts, that they are both intertwined tightly, and you cannot have one without the other. Read that again, without health, you cannot have long lasting hair health and growth. You need both.
It all starts from within. So as I speak to clients, and return messages, I realize that in their stories there are holes, and many in which they take responsibility. The more they tell me, the more I can connect the dots, show them what went wrong and show them how to heal.
However, in order to do so, we need to put the following in check so that we do not continue to create the same mistakes.
1. Limiting Beliefs
Limiting beliefs can be classified as the negative talk you have with yourself, or your limiting belief /insecurity that you cannot do it, either complete the task or have enough motivation to keep going and follow through. Limiting beliefs hold us back. They hold us back from our dreams, goals all due to fear and insecurities. If there is one thing I do know, without even knowing you, my dear reader, is that I know your body and health can bounce back. I know you can get healthy, it just takes some changes and effort. New lifestyle is possible. New possibilities for hair and health is yours for the taking but if you believe you are a failure, that this is your destiny (to lose hair and be bald forever) and there is no other way but to be have hairless issues or be bald forever, then so be it... if you decide that, you will get that. I decided that alopecia wasn't my final destination, it was a stop, a layover so to speak, but then I grabbed my things and kept going. I can show you how to get to the final destination, but we can't take off if you have negative self talk and limiting beliefs.
2. Excuses
Probably one of the worst things we can do as humans is make excuses. I hate hearing excuses from absolutely everyone. Its either you do, or you don't, there is no try. There is no maybe, its either a yes or a no. Unfortunately, many prolong their health issues, many put themselves last and everyone else first, making excuses that this is the only way. I hear you, but at the same time, you are only hurting yourself. I have a client, who's been following me for over 2 years... she's been quitetly reading my blog, following me on social media. More than 2 years later she decides to get coaching and help from me. Wouldn't you believe it, in less than a month she started to see full hair growth on her bald head!!
It's been years she's had hair and now, after more than 2 years, she decided to take a chance and look at her now, growing her hair. She could have had bra length hair by now I am sure, had she started earlier, right? Its like the saying goes, best time to plant a tree or save for retirement was more than 20 years ago, second best time, is today! Don't let excuses get in the way, find a way and make it happen- your health and hair count on it.
3. Consistency
So if you've tried everything, how consistent were you really with that protocol? I know there are many non sense protocols out there I wouldn't even entertain.. but if you feel one is right for you.. how committed were you? I have a friend who has drawers filled with eye creams and face creams, anti aging and so much more. Do you think she is consistent with any of them? Do you think she is loyal to any of them? No. She's looking for a quick fix and looking for immediate results. I understand we all want that, but with hair, with health, with eye creams and even trying to get over the common cold, it takes time and consistency to make it through and see results. For creams, its minimum 3 months. With the cold, you need about a week of rest, chicken soup and vitamins etc. With hair and health, you can see new beginnings in less than a month as many of my clients have seen. Others take a bit longer, but it also depends on your consistency. We need to make changes that are daily to improve our health and hair growth. It won't happen in 24, 36, or 72 hrs. We need time to reset your body. So be consistent and stay the course!


4. Focus on short term vs. Long Term
You've tried everything but really haven't - its because you focus on the short term vs the long term. Similar to above, you are impatient and want immediate results, with some sort of fomo (fear of missing out) on the next drug, pill, injections or how about this idea.... taking allergy meds or other meds that harm your kidneys and liver. This is the small mindedness we want to avoid and leave behind. If you settle for quick wins you will never cross the finish line with full hair. For those of you who have tried minoxidil or injections or the creams, you understand exactly where I am coming from. Trying these things and using them, are all band aids for a big wound that can't be healed or controlled with a small adhesive. What is needed is a life change, and those who commit and look at long term gains, see long term results. Its really that easy.
Its been now, over 4 years since I have had alopecia and I never worry about getting it again. I never dread washing my hair as I once did. I now know how to support my body, be the healthiest possible and I continue to learn and grow. You can heal your alopecia and autoimmune disease naturally. Just focus on the long term because short term doesn't offer long term health or results.
5. Going the Extra Mile
How many of you did extra credit in school? How many of you take on more work than you should or take on projects outside of your normal "job description? " I always did- to both.
I always was the first and super eager person to do more, I guess I liked the challenge, I like learning.
You haven't tried everything for alopecia, because you haven't gone the extra mile. Period. You haven't done the extra credit. If you want to slide under the radar, get passed up for promotion or just graduate with a C average then Ok... lets see how mediocre and average the next few years look like for you... In order to succeed you need to do the extra credit, you need to go the extra mile. What does that look like?
In my books, courses, and programs I talk about a million things needed to get healthy and improve your hair. If you focus on 1-2 things only, you are cheating yourself of full health. Focusing on just the easy things, the fun things like hair masks are not going to help you cross the finish line. It's the consistency across all factors and opportunities that allow you to heal and move forward with hair growth.
I got a message via Facebook the other day and the lady had a question about what shampoo was best for hair growth. Hair growth doesn't come from a bottle of shampoo or conditioner- its a reflection of the health you have going on inside your body. Just like your skin and how it appears, this too is a reflection of the health you exude from the inside.
Now, are there shampoos and conditioners that support our cause, that are more gentle than others, that nourish our hair with organic botanicals vs chemicals and toxins? Yes of course, but this alone won't help. This alone cannot get the job done. The job is too big for just a shampoo and conditioner.
SO these are the top five reasons- you really haven't tried everything, because it takes more than one thing, and its multiple factors that will lead you to healing- not just a couple.
Taking responsibility is the first step, creating a plan and taking action is the second of course with all the above in mind. Let's not dwell on the past, rather let's move forward, and let's start the hair growth process. Next program starts in April, are you ready?

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