Why Some Heal Alopecia And Others Don’t

Jan 20, 2022
Jim Rohn said “ Some WILL and Some WON'T but Anyone CAN” 
This saying resonated with me, as I believe that this can apply to many areas in life… including alopecia. 
Yes some will heal and some won’t, but anyone CAN. 
Throughout my time with alopecia and thereafter helping others reverse it naturally, I have found this to be very true and have people that I know who have not healed it.. although they can. 
Why ? 
I always wondered why.. and embrace the fact that the will and determination is the only thing that really separates us. There needs to a commitment to oneself for this to happen.  
Commitment means doing what it takes to get there... relentless drive towards the end goal. 
I know a gentleman who has has AU, alopecia universalis for over 40 years.. he got it when he was 7. Because we are friendly and we see each other somewhat often he opened up to me and told me that he was actually scared and nervous about having hair. Imagine that! 
He didn’t know what to do with it, didn’t know how to live with hair. Healing was of no interest to him since this is something he’s lived with for so long now and it didn’t bother him. He almost feels like his personality and/or identity would change if he had hair and that unknown was also terrifying...
When my hair was falling out, my personality changed.. I was no longer happy, overly outgoing or super confident... I was much more depressed and anxious, feeling helpless in many circumstances and yes my identity took a toll as well. I was always known for my hair.. and didn’t want to go bald, didn’t want to lose this part of me and would do anything for my hair to grow back. 
On the other hand, I have a friend who’s sister has alopecia and she too, doesn’t  do anything to change this… her sister actually found me and bought my book, Secrets to Health and Hair Growth for her. 
Years later, this sister is still in the same vicious cycle… still losing hair, still not reading or applying any learnings, still stuck and not improving. 
I scratch my head at times.
I understand those who want to heal because I was the same way. I understand those who have given up because there was never “ a way to heal” that was proven and out on the market with no side effects, no drugs or no risks...
I get that… because I also went through that same situation, of not finding anything to help my hairgrowth that worked. Until I created my program.
I understand giving up in a sense because you feel defeated, searched high and low and NOTHING appears. This is where sheer will - the will to keep going - determines your fate, determines your outcome, determines your results. 
Its often said, “leap and the net will appear” — this I believe to be true… having faith is critical for healing.. and understanding that we can do much more for ourselves than we think, we can do more for ourselves that we are led to believe. 
Discipline is a key factor. 
We just need to want it. 
I understand those who are “not defined by their hair” who have grown accustomed to being bald and who are in many ways, scared of trying, scared of getting out of their comfort zones.. because healing alopecia will get you out of your comfort zone. If it was easy and comfortable to get the hair back.. don’t you think you’d already have it ? 
There needs to be a will… to find the way.. to continue to persevere and move forward… even when doctors say, there is no cure. I think that is total and utter non sense. 
I am amazed many times of what us humans have been able to achieve…. Going to the moon, creating satellites for communication,  building cities and tall magnificent structures like bridges and ships… looking back, we humans have been able to achieve and conquer so many obstacles without anyone really showing us… a lot by trial and a lot by error and 100% by determination, curiosity and a willingness to make a difference. 
What a difference it is to be able to want to be healthy, to want to have hair, to want to find love, to want to be rich, to want to be educated… ITS ALL POSSIBLE. 
Leaving the excuses aside will propel you forward into this realm of opportunity.
We just need to desire it enough to follow through.. follow through in every way. Follow through to the FULL extent. 
In college, some majors have more classes and requisites than others.. some require more work, others less.. but in life, much like life, our outcomes are 100% of our responsibility and require 100% of our effort. 
In alopecia, the journey can look and will be different for each of us, but the blueprint is there, the strategy is there… the healing is there … 
“ Some WILL and Some WON'T but Anyone CAN”  - Jim Rohn 
Is your WILL to succeed ? Is your will stronger and more fierce than all your excuses and limiting beliefs? 
Only you can answer this and only you have the power to create the healing you want! 
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