Alopecia Angel: Is it a Science Based Treatment for Alopecia?

Jul 23, 2019
I've heard it many times, almost like political propaganda from people and groups affiliated with alopecia, "if its not science based with a double blind study then..."
What is a double blind study? A double-blind study is one in which neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment. This procedure is utilized to prevent bias in research results. Double-blind studies are particularly useful for preventing bias due to demand characteristics or the placebo effect.
Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by a double-blind study and how this type of procedure works. As mentioned previously, double-blind indicates that the participants and the experimenters are unaware of who is receiving the real treatment. What exactly do we mean by ‘treatment?’ In a psychology experiment, the treatment is the level of the independent variable that the experimenters are manipulating.This can be contrasted with a single-blind study in which the experimenters are aware of which participants are receiving the treatment while the participants remain unaware. In such studies, researchers may use what is known as a placebo. A placebo is an inert substance, such as a sugar pill, that has no effect on the individual taking it. The placebo pill is given to participants who are randomly assigned to the control group. A control group is a subset of participants who are not exposed to any levels of the independent variable. This group serves as a baseline to determine if exposure to the independent variable had any significant effects.Those randomly assigned to the experimental group are given the treatment in question. Data collected from both groups is then compared to determine if the treatment had some impact on the dependent variable. All participants in the study will take a pill, but only some of them will receive the real drug under investigation. The rest of the subjects will receive the inactive placebo. With a double-blind study, the participants and the experimenters have no idea who is receiving the real drug and who is receiving the sugar pill.
However the above placebo and above drugs or double blind study attributes do not correspond to Alopecia Angel or our method of treatment, because we do not use pharmaceuticals. We do not sell vitamins or drugs. In addition, we do not believe that drugs made in a laboratory will heal or cure alopecia... just like the medical community has stated.
So, the need for a double blind study is erroneous and not applicable.
Furthermore, Alopecia Angel is science based. Biology is a science. And when you support your body and your health by eliminating the bad and increasing the good, your biology changes, you health changes and improves. We are healing you from the inside out. We look at diet and lifestyle, correct and make changes where needed and thus you have success stories that are found on our website.
Whoever is needing a science based, double blind study is clearly dependent on and only interested in drugs and pharmaceuticals, which unfortunately for them, this method brings no guaranteed results and possibly a multitude of side effects.
Healing holistically and naturally is the best way in supporting your own immune system and in learning how to take care of your body so that alopecia no longer becomes active in your life. Let's put it to sleep and keep it in remission.
The ignorance around "science based" and "double blind study" propaganda that I have encountered from alopecia sufferers or alopecia group admins, demonstrate their lack and willingness to be open minded about the possibilities that their own body can and cannot do. We can heal. Your body is made to heal naturally. However supporting it is a necessary requirement.
Just like those wanting to lose weight, you can't take a magic pill, eat pastries all day, and not work out and think that "results" are coming.
Pills do not work.
True health works: healing through diet and lifestyle gives you zero side effects except for exceptional health, more energy, healing and hair growth. Learning how to mitigate, prevent and reverse alopecia is what Alopecia Angel strives to do with every client. Education is key and at the heart of what we do; not just learning how it happened, or what's happening, but also, Why it happened and pinpointing all areas for improvement.
I can explain how and why my clients and myself have fully healed. Its because we have put into practice everything that's in my book to promote and assist healing and hair growth. Say good bye to the cycles or hairless and hair growth. Say good bye to being anxious or nervous about the next time alopecia wants to surge. Say good bye to bad health and say hello to new possibilities, new hair growth, renewed health and new understanding on what true health really is and how it looks like.
I sit here today with results and a full head of hair. My eyelashes are long, my eyebrows full.... I want the same for you. I have success stories of clients who have achieved the same. I also have clients who are still a work in progress. Everyone's journey is different, everyone's effort is also different. However the process, the healing, and the results come from the same guide and book. Use this map and let it guide you to health. Need more help and guidance? Then add some coaching sessions and let me clarify the path for you.
Together we can achieve better health and hair for you or your loved one.
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