Alopecia: Food Options When Traveling When you Have Alopecia or Any AutoImmune Disease

Jul 14, 2019
So its summer time and you are packing your bags, traveling, backpacking, road tripping exploring, or even just visiting with friends and family. Regardless of where you are going, make sure to not let hunger get the best of you! This is where bad decisions and impromptu, self gratification situations arise.
As a former road warrior for work, I have come up with multiple strategies for you to be the healthiest possible while on the road.
In the Netherlands, I feel very lucky, because we have grocery stores in most every train station and airport. Its a huge convenience because you can grab and go, pass through security and have lunch or breakfast or even a nice dinner from natural foods, that are fresh and clean.
So if you are in the States, plan around your trip. Normally, I would go to a supermarket or Wholefoods market, grab a salad to go and take that with me on the plane. If the flight doesn't warrant so much food, take nuts, hard-boiled eggs, avocados, oranges or even some homemade granola from my cookbook. Speaking of which, has over 100+ recipes and has a section on travel and tells you what is best to take on the plane with you. Its best to arrive prepared as many times, people (many last minute) get things from Starbucks or quick coffee shops at airports and train stations...., but guess what- the line is long, so long that you might miss your boarding call. Avoid this and plan ahead. Also taking your own canteen, either glass or stainless steel to add water or hot water for tea after you pass security is great and handy. There are several filling stations widely used across airports and train stations.
Taking your own snacks is also cheaper, convenient and time saving. Always take a little more with you, just in case. You never know when the flight is delayed, or you are stuck on the tarmac or need to have the plane de-iced before take off. I have been in numerous situations like these and been stuck either inside the plane or outside for over 45 minutes and not going anywhere.
Protein bars many times do not have approved ingredients, many of them are ultra processed and contain too much sugars. I prefer natural food 100% over something from a store shelf. I typically take some fresh made bread that I made from my cook book on the plane too. I love the banana bread with some tea. Makes the journey in economy a little more comforting.
If traveling first class, be weary of the food. Many times its also packaged, filled with preservatives and not healthy options. Yes I used to love the warm cookie or even ice cream up in first, but now, those aren't options anymore. If you have a sweet tooth, take some dates, or dark chocolate with you.
For all airports in the USA, I highly suggest not eating eggs at the airport. The majority of outlets and restaurants only use "powdered" eggs.... (gross) they add water and presto eggs come 'alive'. I've researched this as the eggs always looked sketchy. I've asked directly and am someone who needs protein. So forgo the eggs in airports in the USA.
In Europe you can bring your own food onto the train, even have a picnic if you so desire. I've seen people with bottles of wine enjoying their time to the next destination!
Eggs in Europe are safe, even at the airports. Its the bread that is tempting that you need to refrain from.
Another option I do is to pre-make my "no oats" oatmeal the night before, place it in a glass container and take it with me. Its so thick that it doesn't pass for 'liquids' rather its my breakfast trick on the go. Since it has no milk or anything to make it spoil it can last a couple hours or more on the go.
Just like everything, staying healthy on the road, or even daily takes practice, planning and effort.
Wishing you a wonderful vacation and safe travels!

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