Alopecia Questions: What Triggers Alopecia ? What's the Best Healing Treatment for Alopecia?

Jan 22, 2020
Alopecia can be confusing with many triggers, causes and multiple factors of how you got here. Know that if you got yourself into something, you can always get yourself out of something too, including Alopecia!
So What Triggers Alopecia?
A whole host and multitude of things can trigger alopecia.
I've written blog posts about how certain medications and birth control cause alopecia and hairloss as a side effect. I know diet and lifestyle play a HUGE role. I know how we take care of ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally has a role as well as trauma. Toxins are another culprit. Hormone imbalance and so much more. Let's talk about your triggers and how I can help!
In helping and speaking to my clients, I see that life can trigger us all. We are all different and our thresholds vary too.
In some, I see life events like divorce, final exams, pressures of work and life, as well as high stress life moments like moving, getting married and other milestones. Sometimes its an accumulation of the last 5-10 years that have done them over, for others, it could have been acute, or one instance that push them over the limits. One parent I help believes it was vaccines that had an impact on her son, which could have been. When administered, there could have been a vaccine reaction or injury.
I like to say that we have a rain barrel effect going on. Since birth, we start accumulating toxins, perhaps not eating right (standard western diet anyone?) and various other things also come into play like using too many antibiotics, having low immune system, being nutrient deficient, diet and lifestyle in general.... it takes multiple factors to heal just like it take multiple factors to get alopecia. Its not just one thing or another, rather its a host of many things and potentially too, an accummulation of many things. Just because I was healthy, fit and exercising for 3 hours a day for 5 years, doesn't necessarily negate the first 25 where I drank, didn't work out, ate french fries and had other things that were not healthy in my life. Many people think they are healthy, but health is beyond what we eat. It's also what we do, what we think, how we treat ourselves and others, what exposure to toxins we have, our surroundings, and community. Diet though is critical and it is the foundation for your health- all health! For Life!
In my case, I can see the standard American diet didn't help me, my thoughts on what I thought healthy looked like (which really isn't) woke me up.... its almost as if blinders were taken off! Being more informed about every aspect of my health, surroundings, and the things I consumed was the first starting point.
In my program I go through all the above - I go through every course of action I took and action steps you need to take to heal alopecia... which also helps the rain barrel effect in minimizing and decreasing significantly within your system. Enough for you, me and others to get the results we want. Health and hair! In the rain barrel effect... It takes time to raise the levels and reach the line to which everything is overflowing, and with a whole perspective, we can reduce the causes and create a healthier environment for your body to live in. At this time however, you are seeing your own body attack itself. That's exactly what is happening with alopecia or any other autoimmune disease. If you have more than one autoimmune disease, then this program also benefits you greatly. It gives you the jumpstart to a cleaner healthier life, reducing toxin exposure, reducing all the triggers and building a strong foundation so you can heal and reverse not just alopecia, but your other ailments and symptoms too.
My clients are not just alopecia clients. I have clients with PCOS, eczema and psoriasis amongst other things. This same program has given them results in less time.
We can change and reverse your health. Imagine you being vibrant and radiating with health! That is possible!
What's the best Healing Treatment for Alopecia?
The quality of your hair, skin and nails comes from within as much as from the outside. Healing alopecia is not found in a topical solution, a new shampoo or cream or injections to the head. Healing alopecia starts from within and works outward!
Want step by step instructions? How about step by step guidance?
Using only using topical solutions is like trying to drive a car without gas. The car works, lights turn on, but it won't move, because we need gas. The fuel for your body and your life, comes with change.. and not just temporary change.
These changes will determine how you improve, how your hair grows and also, if it's destined to fall out again. More effort and change, more results! We want to prevent alopecia from ever coming back, and I also believe that's possible. I teach you how, because I want to see you thrive!
After I regrew my hair, I have not had hairloss issues since. I also stick to my lifestyle and diet changes... Although I am 100% healed.. I know that my old ways of life, habits, and behaviors no longer add any benefit to me or my health. Before I make a decision, I take into account my health. I am more aware of new things to incorporate, I continue to support my mental, physical and emotional health. I continue to read health books, watch documentaries and continue to learn.
The Best Healing Treatment for Alopecia, comes from making you stronger and healthier. Supporting your body and immune system. Knowing and understanding that the choices you make, over countless years has a great impact on your health.
Children nowadays are much more susceptible to disease and autoimmune reactions.
I have a full list as to why these tiny and precious humans suffer the consequences. (Future Post)
Changing your diet, lifestyle and habits allows for progress in every area of your body.
I don't know of any other program that heals alopecia, or else I would have bought it myself back when I got it. However from experience we can learn and I am happy to share.
What's more, is that it took me over 2 years to see full growth. I was guided by trial and error and dedicated by whole time to this cause--- because my hair and health IS worth it. Take the short cut, don't learn the hard way and get moving on your health and hair. Free consultation available if you have any questions!

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