Alopecia: What They Don't Want You To Know

Oct 20, 2020
It seems like when we want answers, many times we are given one explanation only or we are told what mainstream conventional wisdom dictates.
Many times though, the people we are asking don't even know truly because they have blinders on... its like the blind leading the blind. They are like parrots who repeat what the text book says without really understanding the root cause of alopecia or truly how to help you versus the child, versus the man in his 40's or lady in her 30's or woman in her 60's etc. Its all different!
I question authority figures a lot, I always have, and this came to great use many times, but especially when I was going though alopecia.
I learned that many things that people were doing in general, were harming their hair, like extensions, tight braids, corn rows or even henna. This becomes exacerbated when you have alopecia... at the first sign, you need to stop the extensions, tight braids and so on... Yes the coloring and bleaching process also takes a toll on hair, but not so much as the other items mentioned because they pull and tug on a consistent basis and make the shedding and hairloss worse.
When speaking to doctors in Europe and USA I found that their treatments hindered and worsened my alopecia rather than helped it. I was holding my breath each time I saw a new doctor, but I began to see right through them all. None were confident in their approach or their "tools" to help my hairloss; all were playing the neutral card and not wanting to give me much hope but also, it was clear they knew nothing more that could help. All they had was their textbook knowledge, which in this case for alopecia, does not help. Its not a long term solution and its not without its risks and side effects.
Early on in my life I had had the same situation happen with my acne. I literally suffered from ages 14- 34 with acne all over on my face. At times of course it got better, and other times it got worse. I finally figured out it wasn't the need for accutane or some other heavy duty prescription, or the need for better face wash, it was a peanut allergy and stress, which led me to have horrific acne most of my life. And no, no blood test would give me the result of the peanut allergy - this is something your body tells you.. and I teach you this in the Signature Program.
Diet and lifestyle.
Yes I can conclude that diet and lifestyle were the culprits to my acne, which also healed it and coincidentally it was also what healed my alopecia. Diet and lifestyle have reversed my alopecia for good and also has helped reverse the alopecia for my clients too!
Diet and lifestyle is the only and most effective way to heal and reverse your alopecia! I can guarantee that. Diet and lifestyle is needed to support our bodies, immune systems and also its natural functions. If our body is attacking itself, something is wrong and needs to be balanced out and no prescription, lighted cap, shampoo or hair oil can do that alone.
Diet and lifestyle is something that no one is teaching us and no one is wanting to help us learn- many times because they don't know how. Parents, teachers, schools, not even the government teaches us diet and lifestyle.
Because diet and lifestyle is a cheaper alternative to medicine and drugs. Diet and lifestyle doesn't make doctors or the drug companies any money or profits. Pharamaceutical companies only make money when people need their prescriptions and drugs, especially on a long term basis- this is key... getting you hoooked on something long term instead of helping you get off it. The Pharma industry Its a multi billion dollar industry for a reason. They get paid more when you are dependent on them. Sound familiar right? Many people start with one prescription and quickly add on to another and another or the same one over many years and decades. Minoxidil has this effect... once you stop, you lose all the hair growth and more.. they keep you addicted. I have a client who's been on it for over 14 years.. now that she's ready to start a family, she knows its not healthy and clearly not a long term solution... drugs and even topicals come with side effects, especially when used long term. Don't kid yourself thinking this is your solution, because its a false hope in a jar. The only way to heal is diet and lifestyle.
In addition, your doctor is also not going to tell you that diet and lifestyle is a better alternative because there too, he/she can't bill you for their time and also for the steroid injections or prescriptions they are handing over to you without really addressing the root cause. Doctors are great- for handing out prescriptions (when needed) and surgery (broken bones and the like) - not for diet and lifestyle advice.
Doctors are not taught diet and lifestyle. It just not in their curriculum and many times they spend their 7 years of med school with only less than 10 hours on nutrition; depending on where they went it could be even less than that.
If you think a nutritionist is better, then you need to speak to my clients who are nutritionists. Because they too have got it wrong..... nutrition for the healthy normal regular person looks really different from someone with alopecia or someone with cancer, or diabetes or any other disease.. Nutrition is not one size fits all. Someone with alopecia eats differently and personally I don't trust many of what the American Association of XYZ says because if their recommendations were so correct, then why does the USA have one of the worse health care statistics in the world, and why do we, have the greatest amount of heart disease, cancer and obesity rates compared to other countries..? Something is clearly amiss.
Diet and lifestyle is not taught to us by teachers, government, schools or even parents. Its really passed down from our parents to us. It involves culture, value, ethics, tradition, and so much more. And that too isn't always healthy. I love my mom, but she too wasn't taught health or nutrition. Standard western/ American diet anyone? I actually put her on my program and now, its me who's teaching her what she needs to know to feel better and be her best.. she saw a huge difference in pain and in troubling areas.. there is no denying the health benefits.
I know what you might be thinking, " I am healthy and live a healthy lifestyle" and you can start naming all the things you do and don't do. I've spoken to parents who at times also raise an eyebrow when I say diet and lifestyle changes are needed because they think they are doing "everything right" but really, there is always room for improvement. Next what successfully happens is that with my guidance children see results. With my coaching, adults make the changes, understand what they need, agree to make changes and they get what they want: HAIR GROWTH! Don't fight for your limitations or else they will continue to limit your progress. ~this is what happens to naysayers that dismiss the power of healing through diet and lifestyle (if you look closely, they have no results to offer, just negativity and bitterness) Why not put aside your limitations and grow into the person you want to be- with the full hair and health you deserve, you want and is possible for you?
I have one client who has a young daughter with AU. After doing my program and doing some more coaching, changes in hair growth and health have begun to change for this family and this little girl. She is no longer bald, Alopecia Universalis- , she is growing her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on head and is on her way to health.
The key here?
Yes diet played a part, education is another part for parents and families alike, but also, lifestyle. Many times lifestyle can be a bigger road block for some then diet.
In this case, lifestyle showed up as a culprit and when you begin to remedy this, you begin to see results.
Final thought, alopecia is no one's fault, but its our responsibility to heal it. If you fall and scrape your knee, again, its no one's fault, but its up to you to take care of it and make sure it heals correctly. Same idea here. There is no blame for parents or families or anyone else.. this is all a learning lesson because no one taught them, and no one taught us and the cycle continues.
Because no one is teaching us how to live and what true health really looks like, we think we are doing great just by doing what we've always done, assuming better results with a new product or shampoo, when in reality we need a new approach. A new way to solve the problem, a new way to heal and a new way to ensure it never comes back.
The medical community says there is no cure for alopecia.
Choose an empowering statement, not one that will hold you back. Just because they have not experienced it, doesn't mean it cannot be done. Seek those who have the results you are looking for.
I like to believe there is a cure, a way to heal, a way to put alopecia to sleep- , (I am living proof and my clients are too) just like there is a cure for the common cold and also for many types of cancer. We are all susceptible to the cold or even cancer, but does that mean we all have to get it? Does that mean we cannot have it and put it to sleep and never really have to worry about it? I have been alopecia free for over 4+ years and before, I never even knew what alopecia was until my hair dresser told me when I was 30 something and diagnosed by him.
I truly believe we can put alopecia to sleep. Ok, so its part of your DNA, but I've mentioned before we have more opportunity to control what happens with our lives - whether they are healthy or not, via diet and lifestyle.
This approach not only benefits the person with alopecia but those all around them, families become healthier together, partners and children become more knowledgeable and this is shared with others. More importantly the person with alopecia sees changes and hair growth. Using the approach of diet and lifestyle is something we need to work on daily, step by step , day by day for long term results and long term health. No side effects, no risks, the only thing missing is your willingness to change, modify and be open to a new way of living for the betterment of your health and that of those you love.
Health is the biggest gift we have and we can cultivate it and we can get better at it and we can see the results. The choice is ultimately yours.. do you want to go down a painful road of treating and trying your alopecia and hairloss with lots of gimmicks, thinking that one thing or another is going to work. Or do you want to put this away in your past for good- for life and learn the keys to success for a lifetime without compromising your current health or your culture and tradition and values?
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