Being a Guinea Pig with Medicine

Oct 06, 2020
I had a client who had a call with me the other day.. she had done a similar scenario as me, traveling around to see doctors, getting loaded with prescriptions and having her hairloss become worse. Nothing her doctors or mine prescribed worked, and to make matters worse, the hairloss, the desperation, everything was getting worse.
Not knowing what can happen and what might happen if this progresses, takes a toll on you.
Her hairloss started earlier this year... and although that makes no difference, she could be setting herself up for failure as she was hesitant to do the diet and lifestyle route without prescriptions, creams, shots and other things that the dermatologist had recommended. Please know, these band aid solutions from the dermatologist and doctors, do not have long term results and their rate of actually working is less than 10%. So yes, you are wasting time, money and energy. I know, I went through it myself!
Side note*** Now is NOT the time to do cortisone shots because they suppress your immune system. YES it makes you more susceptible for corona virus and why would you want that? ***Also, it never made sense to me, that getting injections to suppress the immune system would help, when in reality, we need to support, lift it up, increase its power and have it work better, not bring it down. A littler counter intuitive right?
When you see someone begin to go down a road that is a dead end, you let them know right?
I did.... I told her through my own experience and through my clients who have been on all the meds for hairloss you can think of, that they always come back to me .... only through diet and lifestyle do you get answers, results and Ah HA moments of where things went wrong and amiss in your health journey. Alopecia seems like it popped in overnight, but in reality is was brewing for awhile... that's how disease works... its come out one day, but it took many days, months and even years to develop. Getting answers as to why you are having hairloss is huge, and this is something I try to explain to all my clients when we go through a coaching call... , getting to the root cause and understanding how to prevent hairloss from happening ever again is part of the program and equation so that you can live fearlessly into your new life with health and hair!
Many clients who come to me as a last resort, never saw hair growth, improvements or even bit of change when going through PRP, laser treatments, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, red light therapy and so much more... and If they did, it fell out again, and again and again. They too were tired of the cycles, tired of the empty promises, and tired of things not working, seeing doctors and no results ... no guaranteed results, no results that lasted more than a couple weeks or months.
I understand completely.. I too was going down that road, until I shifted my strategy. I knew that if doctors didn't have the answers or could help in any way positively, then there had to be another way.
And there is!
This lady bought the Starter Kit, and although she's had it, she is still insisted with doctors... Its hard to persuade someone to not go through the conventional medicine ringer, because its our natural instinct. Its our natural protocol for anything that's wrong... however alopecia is its own animal and this animal needs to be fed, supported and cared for without meds, and in a natural way for things to get better and be better-- LONG~TERM.
My heart goes out to people who want to use the latest drugs and trials for hairloss.. its almost like being a guinea pig of sorts, you do not know what results, risks or side effects will come about.
A word of caution to parents with children with alopecia and adults who have not yet conceived and want the opportunity to have children in the future:
Before undergoing any trials, think about your future. There are studies and cases of young  people who have undergone certain treatments and come out with damaged kidneys, liver and even need a hip replacement because of the medicine they took. Its not worth it to do trials and be a guinea pig! In addition, think about your future fertility. Yes, meds can impact your fertility and one in case is for men only and called propecia or better known as finasteride... which causes impotence and erectile dysfunction. Not something anyone would want. I know of a couple cases and it's heartbreaking for all parties involved. (It's also given to women in some circumstances)
I have seen many people who have tried the trials, tried the newest and latest, only to see things get worse, never better. Whether this was family going through cancer, clients with alopecia or speaking to people directly going through another autoimmune disease.
Instead of being the guinea pig, learn to understand and heal your body naturally. Learn what your body needs to thrive. We live in a constant hamster wheel of go-go-go, never taking a minute to stop the wheel from turning until something like alopecia enters your life.
Personally I learned this the hard way, but the lesson I learned is once.. and that one time was enough to want to rebuild my health and produce the hair I knew my body could; the same hair it had been producing for over 30 years, but now even better, thicker and incredibly healthy. In addition, all the ancillary symptoms that are tied to alopecia have also gone away, rather quickly too.
The question now is, how many times, how many cycles, how many failed experiments do you need until you also learn the lesson?

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