Blind Spots in Alopecia

Nov 05, 2021

We all have blindspots in life… and more so when it comes to Alopecia. What are blindspots?

Blindspots according to the dictionary are: 

(1) Anatomy. a small area on the retina that is insensitive to light due to the interruption, where the optic nerve joins the retina, of the normal pattern of light-sensitive rods and cones.

(2) an area or subject about which one is uninformed, prejudiced, or unappreciative:

I confess that operettas are my blind spot.

dead spot (def. 1).

(3) Also called dead spot. any part of an auditorium, arena, or the like, in which a person is unable to see or hear satisfactorily.

(4) An area to the side and slightly behind a driver's field of vision that is not reflected in the vehicle's rearview mirror.

In essence a blindspot is something we are not informed about therefore we cannot appreciate and more so, its something that often times we don’t see. So what does it take to see these blindspots? A trained eye would know, someone with experience and someone who can be investigative and sniff out information in order to detail hidden areas.

Its no surprise why it took me more than 3 years to heal my alopecia! I was tripping over my own blindspots without realizing it. I am sure this happening to you too!
It took much self awareness to finally see my mistakes, switch gears and finally… say good bye to alopecia. Yes its been over 5 years and I know alopecia is gone forever, because I have also learned how to take control and inventory of my hair and health. Once you have this checklist, its easy to see if you will get it again or not. Just like passing crossing the street, you know when its green, its safe to cross and in turn, safe to walk and get to the other side. In this case, you know its safe and can live your life free of worry and doubt.

Blindspots are those things that linger.. that without knowing it has forced you into this perpetual cycle of hairloss, or has manifested you to lose all your hair. It has also prolonged the need to deal with alopecia.. causing pain, suffering, anxiety, trauma and embarrassment for over months, years and even decades… all NEEDLESSLY.

Yes, because pain and suffering doesn’t have to happen— it can all wash away. It can all be squashed and eliminated. Yes you have that power!!

So why aren’t doctors helping us figure out our blindspots?

Great question.

In a simple answer, its because they are not trained to, they don’t know what to do except prescribe medications or conduct surgery.

This is where the trained eye in Alopecia comes in.

I recently had a student in the Hair N Heal program, she like many other knowledgeable health professionals came to me with ego, pride and desperation.. she too was losing her hair and its been a long time… its actually been a life long journey for her losing her hair, growing it back, losing it again.. you would think someone with so much experience, decades of going through this and also in the health industry- would have understood her own blindspots.. but no.

She’s human, as we all are.. susceptible to mistakes, susceptible to humbling hairloss…. She too has blindspots, she too didn’t understand where she was going wrong, what the missing link was until she had the appropriate evaluation. The evaluation is the first part of the Hair N Heal program.. this is critical for your success, its actually essential to your success. If you don’t have that initial evaluation, talking about blindspots or digging deeper within your health history, than many times you are going around in circles.. not pinpointing the areas needed to succeed and not identifying outliers that perhaps you think have no influence when in reality they do.

In traffic blindspots can cause car collisions. In alopecia, it prolongs the hairloss and prolongs the time dealing with it..

What to do? How to get the evaluation and how to uncover blindspots?

I wish there was a self assessment quiz you can take to identify your blindspots, but many times, we need the help of a subject matter expert- its actually better because many times we are vague with self assessments, we are careless not really taking into account our past history and then, voilá, with a couple questions, with an open discussion, we uncover what once seemed normal and “not a big deal.”

I cannot stress enough how everything is connected, where you are today is a reflection of your whole life.

Where you are tomorrow and where your future leads you is a reflection of what you do TODAY.

Make tomorrow better by creating a better TODAY.

The worst part about a blindspot? Its that you cannot control what you cannot see, therefore this one blindspot could lift the veil on your alopecia, on all your other symptoms and quality of life.

Get the help with alopecia and be done with hairloss for today and tomorrow’s sake!

You can find more details about the Hair N Heal program here, sign up on the waitlist and lets make your future YOU better than yesterday.

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