Can Epigenetics Help Hair Growth?

Nov 26, 2019
I touched upon Scarring Alopecia in last week's blog post. And this week I wanted to touch upon genes and hair growth in general without the need to label it scarring, or AGA or anything else, because nutritional factors, environment, diet and lifestyle all contribute to our wellbeing and health- it also highly determines the quality and health of our hair, regardless of genetics.
First, do know that we are born with genes from both our parents, whether that's good or bad. Second, we know that you can switch off your genes like a light as doctors have found through epigenetics. (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.) In addition, many genes lay dormant within you until they turn on. Many times due to our environment, exposure to toxins, unhealthy ways of eating or living, trauma, mold and many other variables, we are also able to mutate genes; which happens, many times, unknowingly.
Through my experience of alopecia and full regrowth, learning and educating myself, I detail my time with alopecia and how I got my hair back, fully in my books. This starting point can get you on track, to turning off those genes and to learning about the nutritional ways we can support our body for health and hair growth.
In a young man, who's dad went bald early on, he doesn't need to see the same fate. With having a healthy lifestyle, avoiding toxins, supporting your body with certain supplements and vitamins, you can deflect many illnesses and hairloss to a greater extent. Regardless of genes, nutrition and environment make up 80% of your gene expression vs. just 15-20% for genes.
The problem comes when we have been living a subpar not so healthy lifestyle for years and begin to see those genes turn on... what do we do? You want to get back on track, and quickly.
Being healthy is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes dedication, commitment, awareness, mindfulness, effort to be consistently healthy. You will and can see improvements, not just in how you feel, but also how you look. Just from taking certain supplements, changing lifestyle habits - you can turn back the clock, look younger, and become more vibrant from the inside out!
Maybe you are like me, who grew up in a regular home, learning to eat pasta 3 nights a week, and just ate what you were given. Perhaps, you assumed you were all healthy. Until one day you begin to learn differently. Take that opportunity to learn differently and as you do, you might see things - health wise- occur in your family, but not in you. I am witness to this, and no, aging is not a reason for having an illness its how we live that ages us. We can avoid alopecia many times, we can avoid total hairloss, we can avoid illness in general if we keep this healthy mindset and lifestyle.
Start today. Start now.
Make the effort you want to see. Results take effort, but they are attainable. You have the power to move forward or not. You have the choice with every bite, with every thought, idea, action step.
I have many clients who promise to begin Jan 2, 2020- which is great. I am here for you, whenever you need me. My mission is to make people aware, that years of unhealthy lifestyles and neglect, will definitely spur potential risk and causes of disease, whether that's alopecia, lupus, diabetes, heart disease or other.
Much more than hair, do it for your health and your loved ones.
I am thankful for you and hope that with my blog, books, courses, coaching, social media posts, retreats I have been able to inspire healthy living, creating boundaries, and being your best self.
Cheers to you and our health.
Alopecia Angel

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