Children with Allergies, Asthma, Eczema & the Connection with Alopecia

Sep 15, 2020
The more children and families I help, the more I see a strong connection with allergies, asthma, alopecia and eczema. I have first hand experience in talking with parents, guiding them and their families towards better health and hair growth. Parents many times also learn and apply new learnings and also see improvements in their own health. I recently read The Unhealthy Truth which is full of data of one parents' account having to go through the scary onset of allergies and how she discovered to protect her children from certain foods that were creating scary situations and near life threatening situations in her home. She is a typical mom of 4 and grew up on the SAD diet ( standard American diet also known as the Standard Western Diet) and was giving her kids the same until they all came down with life threatening allergies. She wanted answers and wanted information, digging deep, she found that food manufacturers had lied in the food labels that her children were eating.
Removing these toxins and adjusting diet and lifestyle gave her success in healing and mitigating the allergies and symptoms of her kids.
How does this relate to alopecia?
None of her kids had alopecia, but many of my clients' kids have alopecia plus allergies, or they have alopecia plus eczema, or they have alopecia plus all kinds of allergens and even asthma too.
Yes there is a correlation and a connection, food plays a big part in children's health but its not just food!
This book details the reason why and shows statistics of how children are now more susceptible to allergies and asthma and other diseases.
The author talks about vaccines, introductions to soy early on in childhood, baby formula, eating certain things while pregnant, being exposed to toxins while pregnant, being vegan and vegetarian while pregnant and much more that all contribute to your child's health and this all has a cause and effect on your children which we now see plays a role in their developments, in missing out on school, on being the best student and excelling in life.
How mom is, what she eats and her lifestyle and exposure to toxins during pregnancy has a cause and effect on that baby for a lifetime! Even if you did "everything" right... the labor aspect could have triggered a stress reaction in the baby depending on the complications.
Imagine knowing and understanding the things you should avoid so that your baby is not just healthy but shielded against the possibility of disease? Yes this is possible. Yes you can avoid your kids having asthma, allergies, and eczema.
It's possible to start off on the right direction and knowing what to do and how to prevent so many nuances that children are seeing and having to deal with early on.
In my case, its heartbreaking to see children with alopecia as young as two years of age. I do love what I do, I love helping adults, families and children alike recover, but the truth is, once you've started your child on a certain path, it's hard to change their habits, tastes and expect to see changes immediately. Older kids - anything after 7 years of age see the best results. Fighting with the younger ones over eating their veggies isn't fun and should have been implemented since pregnancy, if not, you are setting yourself up for many challenges.
I created the Alopecia and Baby Prep Program, so you don't have to have your children obtain these allergens and conditions which only hold them back from excelling and being their best. Through diet and lifestyle we can harness the power to reverse alopecia, to help current conditions like allergies, asthma and eczema and psoriasis. I have seen 90% improvements in clients with psoriasis, eczema and allergies just with diet and lifestyle changes. Why not avoid all this prior to baby's arrival? If you already have your children, and are wanting more, or looking to get pregnant, I highly suggest doing this program. Cleaning out the vessel in which you will carry and nourish your baby for 9 months is imperative for future outcomes and possibilities.
For those parents who have children already with these conditions, this is not a guilt trip, rather its a sounding alarm to take action, and to adjust diet and lifestyle as pills and medications will not help your child rather it will deteriorate their health even more and just cover up their symptoms like band aids. Its not realistic to be on allergy meds for life nor is it healthy... I encourage you to do the research of what years of taking these meds can do to your children. If there are natural ways to remedy this, that should be your first option. Rebuilding immune systems and rebuilding a child's body does take some time, but its possible and its more than likely that you will set them up for a better future just with diet and lifestyle changes. I have many clients with children who see hair growth in less than 8 weeks in the Signature Program.
Modern medicine cannot un-do all the toxins in our environment, that's up to us to learn and mitigate. It starts at the home, and this is where health needs to start.
For those of you with children who have allergies, asthma, eczema or alopecia, I highly recommend reading this book. We need to really understand where we've gone wrong to understand how we can do better.
Diet and lifestyle changes are needed, and quite frankly just because you have children doesn't mean they should eat kid foods like chicken nuggets or French fries or pasta or pizza. If you truly want to have healthy kids, it starts with food. Lifestyle you can control and help them have a better environment in which to thrive. But knowledge empowers you to make better choices and decisions..... not the marketing of items at the store.
Its all too common that parents come to me, and for the first 5 years of the child's life, they have focused on packaged goods and high sugar foods. I rarely see vegetables and fruit and rarely see other nutrients that are needed for children to thrive. This is a problem, no wonder that statistics in the USA show that children born today won't out live their parents and it also shows that more and more children by the time they are 10 years old, are on the verge of dia-besity... a combination of obesity and diabetes.
Creating healthy habits is important, as this is their foundation, if you don't switch those habits now, it will only get worse and more complicated for you.
Even if you think you have followed what authorities have said, that precisely is leading you down the wrong path. (example: the food pyramid) Unfortunately, as I have stated many times, its up to you to be your own advocate for health and wellness. If I was to succumb to what doctors were saying about my Alopecia, I would not have all my hair, nor all the health or happiness I have today. Not to mention all the other symptoms that tag along like fatigue, depression, itchy skin and dry eyes, unruly hair, anxiety and digestive issues that have all gone away!
I have a client that spoke to me about her teen daughter who is also going through AGA, female pattern baldness, just like her mom. However another sibling also has had alopecia at some point in the past. I told her, many would look at her story and think it was genetics, but in reality, its diet and lifestyle. If they all eat the same foods, and have the same lifestyle as mom and dad, guess what? Nothing is changing and nothing is getting better. We all have blindspots and in one coaching call she discovered more ways to help herself and her family be better, grow better hair and overcome any hairloss now and in the future. It's never too late to start to get healthy, but things must change for you to see results. See the changes and success stories online.
It's possible to heal, but it's a combination of everything that creates the harmony within the body- this is what you learn in my programs and the knowledge you gain is immense, that's why we need 2 months to go over everything. Consider starting the New Year off on the right foot. Next program is scheduled for January 2, 2021.



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