Coffee Enemas and Colonics, An Alternative for Alopecia Healing

Feb 26, 2020
You might see and view your coffee in a whole new light after this article.
Coffee enemas are trending right now and for good reason. They get to the point and clean you out.
What is an enema?
It is a procedure in which coffee or water is brewed then is inserted through a hose into your rectum. That's correct, through your rear end. And from there, the liquid holds for about 15 minutes and releases, cleaning the system and colon of debris, junk and other things that might be impairing your health like yeast over growth and parasites.
Colonics is similar, main difference is colonics is like a flushing of sorts with lots of water done multiple times, whereas enemas is a one time liquid insert, hold then release. I was personally looking into this at some point, thinking I should give it a try should my alopecia not improve. Thankfully it did improve and more than 2 years after, I still have my health and hair with full growth. All it took was commitment to diet and lifestyle- however I was willing and able to go the extra mile in many forms to get my health back! I present this info, just in case you are like me.. willing to do most anything for health and hair growth. Diet and lifestyle are foundational.. so if you think you have truly "done it all", perhaps looking into enemas is another route for you to get that extra boost of clean health.
Enemas can be done at home or at an office with a trained professional. There are many who do them at home and with that, you also need to be careful. Hygiene as you can imagine plays an important part. Refueling your system with electrolytes is another concern. Supplementation is needed as this deep cleaning can have certain side effects to your health, not just improving it, but also taking out extra nutrients.
Many have resorted to enemas as part of their daily and weekly health protocols for life long health. I am not so sure about that part, but many do swear by it, even going on TV to speak about it. Personally, I believe giving your body an extra boost here and there is a great thing, but we an over due a good thing and that can have consequences.
Coffee enema supporters claim the procedure provides these additional benefits:
1. boosts immunity
2. increase energy
3. stops yeast overgrowth
4. treats autoimmune diseases
5. removes parasites from the digestive tract
6. removes heavy metals from the body
7. treats depression
8. treats cancer
There are of course, risks and safety concerns. I have read that you can puncture your colon, if the equipment is not cleaned appropriately you can get an infection and so much more. Do your homework! This and other treatments are not a quick fix to anything... what is really needed to reverse alopecia is to have a whole lifestyle overhaul and diet change.
Before jumping into this I would definitely do more research. I know using organic coffee is the only way to go as non organic coffee is laden with pesticides.
I no longer consider coffee enemas for me, but its another tool in the tool box should it might be warranted to use. Not all tools are used regularly like a hammer or screw driver, but this one may warrant it in certain situations.
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