Customer Question: What Happens to Your Hair if You Get Covid!?

Jan 17, 2021
A customer who saw full hair growth with my Signature Program got covid a few months ago. Actually the whole family did. So as the proactive woman that she is, she asked me what she should do and how to mitigate any hairloss if it should arise?
As many of you have seen, getting covid can lead to hairloss and this is one of many side effects of the virus. Are you worried? Do you know of someone who's had hairloss from covid?
Since the customer has already seen full hair growth, sticking to the plan and method (the Signature program) is what needs to happen to ensure her hair, immune system and overall health is at optimal levels. There is no quick fix to health, but if we rebuild it from the start, from the ground up, this creates a stronger army to protect your health from any possible invaders like bacteria, the flu, covid, disease, etc.
Yes she got covid, but it didn't last long and she has no adverse side effects. She also notices that she is less sick and when she is sick, she recovers in rapid time. That's her immune system working FOR HER, not against her as with alopecia.
This customer, like many others, has the whole family on this new diet and lifestyle, because let's face it, when the whole family can be healthy together - everyone benefits and wins!
Since covid, she has not seen any hairloss and her health is in excellent condition.
Benefits of healing your alopecia as seen through clients, customers, children and adults alike include:
  • Getting to the root cause & understanding how all the pieces came about to lend itself to alopecia
  • Healing it, reversing alopecia and learning how to keep it away and asleep for good!
  • Increased Fertility (yes, many get pregnant right after- naturally. No surprise here, when your body is aligned, all things can be done easily!)
  • Confidence, that you can do and accomplish and overcome ANYTHING!
  • Amazing Rejuvenated Health: all those pesky ancillary symptoms and health concerns that are bothersome seem to all go away!
  • Feeling Great, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually= most clients say that they feel beyond fantastic after completing my program because the health results are coming in, the hair growth is coming in, and things in their private lives have all changed for the BETTER.
Granted, just like working out, we need to continue on this same path to really see the full extent of results. You cannot go to the gym for 2 weeks and think you are "done" and will no longer ever return. It's a habit that needs to continue for improved and sustained health over the long term.
So what about those of you who have not gotten covid but still have alopecia?
I'd say there is no better time than the present to fully clean up your diet and lifestyle. There is no better way than to do so naturally and organically and really, if you don't pay attention now that alopecia is yelling your name by means of hairloss, and a whole host of other health conditions, then when?
You are just putting yourself more at risk with a suppressed immune system.
Keep your bodies' army in full gear, in full support of you - knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to heal and get better allows you to better support your body, mind and spirit. It eliminates fear of more hairloss and eliminates chances of alopecia progressing or tacking on another autoimmune disease. For those already in the latter camp, have no fear.. its never too late.
Did you know that I have successfully helped people with alopecia totalis and universalis recover their hair regardless of the 5, 15, or 20+ years they have had it?
Diet and lifestyle is about supporting your BODY. Its about supporting what your body NEEDS to thrive. This is something no vaccine, medication or supplement can do for you. It's an orchestra of healing with many parts that only you can do for yourself. I am here to guide and help you as I have healed and reversed my alopecia and have now helped hundreds of others!
For me personally, its been more than 5 years of being alopecia free, and I don't foresee it coming back. I have taken the steps necessary and have taken control of my health. That's exactly what I teach you to do- to take back your health instead of fearing the "next" time alopecia will show up. That is not a way to live. Create your future life now, with restoring your health NOW.
Have a question about alopecia that you would like answered in an upcoming blog? Send us an email at [email protected] with your question and we will answer it!

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